Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nuts From The Chipmunk's Pouch

Notwithstanding the amount of hostile press she generates (and, ahem, requests to blog about her), Hazel Blears is possibly one of the least interesting characters about whom one could find anything interesting to write. Vapid and immature, her utterances remind one of a review once given to the actress Trish Van Devere, that she was little more than 'a smiling hole in the air'.

However, last night a whopper of a nut fell out of the Chipmunk's pouch; and right on the Channel 4 News.

For what it's worth, my own analysis of the Crewe & Nantwich bye-election result is that it does represent a political paradigm shift. If you want to register a protest vote, go for the Lib Dems; the fact that the Tories got so big a swing would indicate that the people want change and, above all else, stabilitys-something they won't get from a party of alcoholic coprophiles.

When Jon Snow confronted her with the result, Blears started gabbling the usual litany of New Labour achievements; and one of them was the enactment of new rights for agency workers. She justified this by saying that it had been done 'to prevent wages being undercut by agency workers'. There is only one class of workers she could have been talking about; migrants.

Yes, folk, last night, unless my ears were greatly deceiving me, Hazel Blears as much as admitted that migrants have been driving down wages. It would be very interesting to hear the recording again in full. If what I can recall hearing is correct, the Chipmunk has managed to chew through the hull of the good ship New Labour far below the waterline, and has handed the Tories a majority of at least 100.


  1. "and has handed the Tories a majority of at least 100"

    That would only be true if (a) more people watched Channel 4 News or (b) if the Tories were able to take advantage of what she said without retaking the mantle of "the Nasty Party" from Labour.

  2. The proverbial horse has already bolted Tom, this is small potatoes. What if some pea-brained Labour wonk admits to the blindingly obvious?

    The people of Britain have already identified the Labour party as Ephialtes of Trachis and will soon be deciding their fate.


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