Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cricket or Yachting for Boxing Day?

Matthew Hayden celebrates his 28th century in the Boxing Day Test

Align Centre Leopard and Wild Oats XI duel for position on Day 1 of the Sydney to Hobart Ocean Race

One of the great Ocean Races, the annual Sydney to Hobart, which always starts on Boxing Day is under way in perfect conditions. The winner for the last two years, Wild Oats XI leads the field and is favourite to win again, but weather conditions are likely to preclude a new record. The race includes a wide variety of yachts from the Super Maxi's which complete the trip in less than two days to smaller yachts which can take a week or more depending on weather conditions.

There is an excellent web site where you can track the yachts, read updates and see some excellent photographs if you are nautically inclined. I know James is.

Here in Australia, the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race vies with the Boxing Day Cricket Test Match held annually in Melbourne as the major sporting events for this part of the year. For the record over 60,000 people and a huge television audience saw Matthew Hayden hit his 28th test century as India fought back to be marginally ahead after day one with Anil Kumble getting five wickets. Everywhere you go for the next few days, people will be watching and listening to the cricket. Even my mother in law set aside today to just watch the cricket and sew. Many are hopeful of a more competitive series than the Poms last year and it looks like they may get one.

Photos from the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Official Site and Cricinfo

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  1. Hey Colin I remember the start of the Sydney to Hobart race. We used to go down to the shores of the harbour to watch the boats depart.
    How much better it is today to keep on top of the race with modern communications and the internet and even TV which we didn't have until a couple of years before I left Australia in 1960.

  2. Great stuff, Colin. I love the Sydney to Hobart. There was once a Melbourne to Hobart Westcoaster as well. Don't know what happened to that.


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