Tuesday, November 20, 2007

[eu monster] notes from a little jerk

Further to yesterday's post on the EU and Common Purpose, it's good to see it picked up on in a number of places.

John Trenchard has also done so and he mentions Englisc Fyrd 's work and that of others.

And yet another blog has noticed CP. This speech by CP head honcho Julia Middleton. And I quote:
No region and no part and no part of any country are ever going to go anywhere until it manages to engage the talented.
The other day I was in a meeting in Belfast, I have no idea how I ended up in this meeting. It was a really wonderful meeting with about fifteen people there. When we were really getting going there was this little jerk in the corner, who kept piping out “What is your legitimacy?” and we all said “just shut up” and we kept on going.
Anyway, he went on and on about our legitimacy to such an extent that in the end I turned to him and said “Let me just be absolutely clear that at this meeting we are not trying to allocate any public funding, nor are we trying to make any public policy.Actually in this meeting are the fifteen people that are the only people in Northern Ireland that have done anything for the homeless in Northern Ireland for the last 10 years. That is our legitimacy and it is a totally compelling and overwhelming legitimacy”.
Note the sleight of hand - the legitmacy question wasn't directed at the 15 people. It was directed at Julia Middleton and Common Purpose. Note the disdain for dissent - "just shut up", "jerk". That says a lot.

and then the anti-democratic agenda stall is laid out:
I believe with a passion that there is a democratic space. There is an enormous space in it for politicians. They call the shots. They are accountable. That is right and proper. But there is another space for leaders of civil society.
That is the thing which permeates the whole business - this preparedness for unelected "leaders" to step in and take over key functions in the former UK. This is the attitude of disdain which permeates Common Purpose and that arrogance cannot have no foundation. I mean they must feel reasonably confident that the plan is going swimmingly to speak in that tone.

People, this is what our parents fought in WW2 - the destruction of our country by a European power and in achieving that end, as any historian knows, it used quislings.

Only this time the quislings are home grown and come right out of the ODPM. Do read Bukovsky's take if you haven't already done so and realize this is not science fiction but parliamentary funded action within our land and within a greater and ever expanding Europe.

Why would Milliband speak of the EU super-state not being an EU super-state, not at all, no way, unless that matter had been very much on his mind? Well, this "little jerk in the corner" - Higham and many other little jerks - are going to keep asking: "Where is your legitimacy, Ms Middleton?"

Parker Joseph ran a piece on Common Purpose being referred to in Brown's speech as part of his plans for Britain but a strange thing happened. As Ian said:
You can view the current version on the No.10 Website here, where all references to Common Purpose have now been removed. You can view that Cache version here, but I am going to reproduce it in full in case it 'disappears'.
He then does so here.

Now if there was nothing untoward in mentioning Common Purpose, why then was it removed from the later version? These little questions are minor but their sum total point in certain directions which really should be taken note of by the UK blogosphere.

And what of this, also noted by Parker Joseph - this is just outright illegal. Common Purpose and Deutche Bank - Teachers Pack for campaigning in the Classroom. If you can spare [waste is a better word because it's such pap] a few minutes, please peruse it.

When are the mainstream UK bloggers going to pick up and run with all of this? Who cares about Clegg and Huhne's little scrap? Let's get moving on what is happening in our country while we still have it.

Sorry to be such a little jerk. Now I'll retire to my corner again and mumble at myself.


  1. This is a great post James, you have surpassed yourself and you are absolutely right.

    How long before the people of Europe re-discover their motivation?

    I don’t have documentation and I don’t have a collection of links but I've got drunk with some of the people on the inside. Their selfishness and arrogance knows no bounds (amazing how champagne loosens the tongue) but the only thing that threatens their march to power is nationalism. Not some goose-stepping expansionist form but the paternal, proud and deterministic form which is slowly being eroded by crypto totalitarianism and the language of humiliation.

  2. Well said james.
    Your reference to Ian P, - I was going to remind you of that.
    The BBC, plus a few others, are pushing "Change it", if you google.

    I believe this exploitation of the children, copied from both communism and hitler, is their Achilles heel, if it is exploited correctly, plus the finger printing and DNA testing at 6 years old.
    They are just bastards. the whole f*cking lot of 'em

    On a general theme, I notice one or two questions raised on financial blogs.
    You may care to read this.
    I note that city-un, mentioned a 2000 point haircut for the major indices.

    The author, Paul Kasriel, is a very good economist. Official lies are exposed on the economic front.

    Should interest rates be lowered, as he expects to sustain growth, it will be at the expense of imported inflation. This will further de-base the $

    You made a comment recently about the safety of buying commodities.

    Should the US recession spill over (and current estimate place the cost of the financial crap at $2 trillion) and slacken Asian demand/growth, the P/Es of major commodity companies could suffer a 50% haircut!

    I get the feeling that Putin wishes to back his currency reserves with 10% gold, and since the figure currently stands at 2%+,and his foreign currency reserves are growing like mushrooms, this spells a Russian state gold buying spree.(Probably from internal production)

    On the other hand I read that some of the Gulf States are selling gold.

    Gordon is taking in loads of T bills, when many others are shedding them, which is very strange!

    India will launch a Gold backed fund in the new year, which will lock-up many tonnes of ingots, as India just looooves gold, and their prosperity is growing.

    But this is toxic to fiat currencies, and they may manipulate.

    So in answer to your question of a few days ago, - - spin the wheel!
    Or maybe go to cash in an energy exporting, commodity rich, currency. And Pray.

  3. I get the feeling that Putin wishes to back his currency reserves with 10% gold, and since the figure currently stands at 2%+,and his foreign currency reserves are growing like mushrooms, this spells a Russian state gold buying spree.

    This much is not in dispute and the rest of your comment is more than interesting. Will follow up.

    I put it to some of my blogfriends today to get onto this so time will tell if they do.

  4. that CP speech - i've uploaded for posterity to scribd.com


    i really do scratch my head at it's content in places. quite bizarre in parts.

  5. also. note what CP say , in that speech, about school boards. or rather , the CPers will be dictating TO the school boards....

    and i quote directly:

    I want to tell you about another space and I want you all to be school governors by the time you are 25. No, that does not mean that you are going to sit on a board, with the emphasis on your arse sitting heavily on a board. You are going to be part of the leadership of an organisation that will set the standards that your brothers and sisters are currently receiving in schools. You will raise them and demand things of them. Demand of the Head Teacher, if you think that’s good enough
    – “I want this”. You must be part of it and part of civil society.

  6. Quite upsetting. Check UKDP's post on the Queen's speech and funding by stealth.

  7. whenever I dig up stuff on CP i see a lot of anger. A lot of aggression. A lot of hatred and fear.

    I'm reminded, in a way, of what the Jedi master Yoda once said:

    “Remember, a Jedi's strength flows from the Force. But beware. Anger, fear, aggression. The dark side are they."

    even though its a fictional character there's a good point to that.

    The Marxists , like CP, want to destroy all that is good and proper - like family, authority, respect - in order to destroy those aspects so that society can be reconstructed into blindly serving the State - i.e. the Dark Side.

  8. I came across that jerk speech and it has been nagging away at me for a while.

    Great that you picked it up.

    Where's the legitimacy, indeed!

  9. "Many thought that the Pankhursts’ violence, arson, window smashing, picture slashing and hunger strikes made men even more hateful of women."

    From the Emmeline Pankhurst case study in ChangeIt. Throw away remarks like "even more hateful of women" are the slips that really show where these people are coming from, no?

  10. Anon 15:46
    You picked up on something that I hesitate to mention, but, at the risk of.......

    Look at the picture of CP head honcho, and what do you see.

    I see a "male pattern forehead hair line", a large (masculine/)square jawline, and eyebrows, and a square face.

    That tells me, - large amounts of pituitary growth hormone in earlier years, and high amounts of (indigenous?) male hormone too.
    Certainly an aggressive character, but would need to hear her voice!

    Cut the hair, and I see a male looking back at me.

    I say the above clinically, without any innuendo.

    That is what I see.

    You may take it from there, or not.

  11. Further to my comment this AM concerning commodities, et al.

    We are beginning to see the evidence of "capital controls".
    Other counties currencies are beginning to appreciate to far against the dollar. Trade imbalances are happening. Canada is suffering on exports to US, jobs may go.
    The Euro/Dollar will not be permitted to go past 1.50.
    Competitive deflation through growth in national money supplies globally will lead to a greater asset bubble.
    Where? How to profit?
    Sovereign funds may seek commodity holdings. Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc. - Gold is rising today.
    This link gives a start for searches concerning ME investments, but not necessarily about gold, and is quite interesting of itself.

    Shares of profitable, and expanding, producing gold mining companies give more leverage than simple gold tracker funds, but may be more risky, depending on the cost structure, as rises in energy may effect the bottom line. Several marginal "extraction" companies will fail, as energy costs increase. This may, or may not, self balance with increased selling prices.
    Also look for political stability, and secure tenancies.

    Now I'll go back to scratching my head. :)

  12. PS, A new, 'low cost' method of mineral extraction, is "acid heap leaching"
    Not too many companies understand it, but those that do can work with mineral concentrates way below normally accepted concentrations, in terms of ppm.
    Scratch, scratch.

  13. http://engliscfyrd.blogspot.com/2007/11/nhs-and-common-purpose-spat-over.html

    Found some documentation over at Bristol NHS website. Seems Common Purpose where using slightly un-ethical funding for their courses down in the West Country.. Money from Imperial Tobacco (and you all remember the ho-har with them and the smuggling allegations).

    Engliscan Fyrdman

  14. http://download.southwestrda.org.uk/file.asp?File=/events/general/middleton.pdf

  15. http://www.alfanar.org.uk/about/aboutM.html

    Here our dear Julia is on the board of Alfanar, an Arab NGO charity based in the UK. It used to be called the Arab Learning Initiative but they had to change their name because (as they helpfully inform us) it was misleading people into thinking that they provided education... which they dont.
    God knows what they actually do.
    The other trustees are an interesting bunch as well.

  16. Movers: Chris Mathias, chair, Common Purpose

    Third Sector, 21 November 2007

    Chris Mathias has been appointed chair of the board of UK trustees for the leadership development organisation Common Purpose.

    Mathias is the co-founder of private investment management companies CMG Partners and Arbor Ventures. He succeeds Richard Charkin, who steps down after 10 years.

  17. Anon: 15:46

    You suggest that Ms Middleton is possibly LGTG?

    (There is a video of her here, plugging her book).

    I don't think so, she is just a Minger.

  18. I was a school governor at twenty-five - does this mean I am numbered amongst them? :-(


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