Thursday, June 14, 2007

[timex] albanians and world war three

Could this be the incident which sparks [Theo] World War III? Remember Sarajevo! President Bush did NOT, repeat "NOT" have his watch stolen by Albanian fans:

He slipped his Timex Indiglo off his wrist and into his pocket - a truth that has left many Albanians deeply offended.

What follows in the linked article is a view of him doing it [enlargeable], then a photo of :

"George W. Bush's wristwatch on his left arm … seen during a photo event in the Oval Office of the White House June 13, 2007" [plus various photos of George and the watch in various poses and juxtapositions] ..."

The article goes on:

It appeared that the President had taken to heart guide book warnings about the need to guard valuables in the country.
One Albanian noted:

"He didn't want his watch to get stolen by the Albanese "fans", who he clearly deeply trusts!"

Anti-Albanians added:

"Bush took off his watch cause he knew they'd steal it! Bush did his homework on Albania and Albanians. He knew better than to keep that watch on his wrist!"

The article continues for several paragraphs with the Whitehouse spokesandroid adding her bit. What I want to know is:

Are we going to stand for this? Are we just going to sit back while thieves and conjurers hijack the airwaves and hold us all to ransome [Arthur]? I say we act:

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lady macleod said...

Not me dude, not on this one. I am having a good laugh.

congratulations to YOU on placing first in the Bloging Awards! Well done (albeit I would have liked to have seen you take home a few more first, but spread the glory eh?).