Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Israeli planes, tanks hit Gaza

By DIAA HADID, Associated Press Writer
15 minutes ago

EREZ CROSSING, Gaza Strip - Israel fired missiles and sent tanks on a foray into Gaza on Wednesday, killing four Palestinians in the deadliest military action since Hamas militants took control of the coastal strip.

At the same time, Israel eased restrictions on travel in and out of Gaza, letting in a few seriously ill or wounded Palestinians who had been holed up for days at a fetid border crossing.

A teenager with leukemia and four other Palestinians in need of medical care went through the tunnel at the Erez crossing in Israel, the military said. Israeli officials also authorized entry of all foreign nationals living in Gaza. (link)

Most of the people that read this will blame all this on the evil joos. They will neither look at or care about the context of what is happening to Israel or what has been happening to her since her inception in 1948. To them this will simply be another 'act of aggression' on the peaceful (heh) people of Palestine.

Of course, most people don't realize why they feel that way, but hopefully one day they'll be able to come to grips with the fact that they are against a country defending itself against terrorists and be able to grow from there. Of course, I hold out no hope for most of those people. I feel they will continue to ignore the actual happenings in the Middle East until the 'Palestinians' have fulfilled their 'mandate' to wipe Israel off the map (with ample help from the mad mullahs of Iran).

If that day ever happens, I wonder how many of you will be joyful and how many will realize that you had been rooting for it the whole time?


  1. Have to disagree, don't see it happening. I have spent some time in Israel and I have never met a more cantankerous, contrary, irascible group of people. they make New Yorkers look warm and cuddley; I can't see someone taking their land (dare I say, "Six Day War"?)
    I fear there is much misunderstanding over the true and fluctuating situationS in the Middle East, but I hold out that there are more informed and not-horrid-stupid-prejudiced-people than the other sort. Of course I could be wrong, I've been wrong before. I didn't like it.

  2. I have never been there so cannot speak from experience but I think the whole Middle east situation is terrifying. I am no defender of many of the things that Israel has done but how can we give credence to nations that declare as an aim that they want to "wipe it off the face of the earth"? They can't all be cantankerous and irascible, Lady M?

  3. Every single one I know, but in the best way possible. They argue with each other more than outsiders! You would think they were Scots!

  4. Cretinous - I've heard more cogent analyses of Israel/Palestine from teenage boys with alcohol poisoning.

    Like watching a wrestling match between a man and a rubber sex doll, only to see the sex doll win by a fall and two submissions.

  5. Lord N it isn't just about what happened since 1948 but what happened in 1948- particularly to the people driven out of where Israel now is- hence the demand for the right of return. The Middle East is awfully complicated- but I would remind you that according to the Israeli new historians like Benny Morris and Illan Pappe- what happened in 1948 was a calculated policy of almost ethnic cleansing.

  6. Any idea that policy can be decided purely by making a division between 'terrorists' and 'non-terrorists' is rhetoric getting carried away with itself.

    If Hamas are terrorists then so were the Irgun and the Stern Gang. Also, killing of civilians by an occupying state [be it Kurds by the Arab nationalists of Saddam Hussein's regime in the Anfal campaign or Arabs by the Israeli governments] is state terrorism.

  7. Gaza

    I feel they will continue to ignore the actual happenings in the Middle East until the 'Palestinians' have fulfilled their 'mandate' to wipe Israel off the map

    BBC helps a lot here, Lord Nazh.


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