Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The British Economy

Great post here by Martin Kelly, often found residing at the Devil's Kitchen, on Britain's economy summarized:

Inflation - up.
Factory gate inflation - up.
Currency - up.
Trade deficit (or that part of it unaffected by carousel fraud and actually capable of measurement) - up.
Manufacturing - down.
Government debt and deficit - up.
Productivity - down.
Balance of payments - not where it should be.
Never mind, profitability is - up.
Yes, indeed. Britain is booming.


  1. sound points here Mr JH.

    You should do a guest post on your view/ambitions for Uk finance at my place some time.

  2. Alas for me, CityUnslicker, this was Martin's doing. Fortunately for me, this was Martin's doing.

    Martin - thanks a bunch for a succinct and accurate summation of the situation.


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