Thursday, November 23, 2006

[meme tag] ten things this blogger would never do

Late mistake update Nov 25th. Bad mistake. I was tagged first by Paul Linford. Have to be careful in this game.

Lady Ellee says she’s been tagged: Dizzy and Norfolk blogger [asked me] to list 10 things I would never do, as if life isn’t busy enough. It’s now my turn to pass on this MEME to cityunslicker, Sicily Scene, Geoff, Maalie, Guthrum, Bel, Neo Jacobins, PC Bloggs, Jeremy, Nourishing Obscurity and Heather Yaxley - hope I haven’t broken any rules by adding an extra one.

OK, so my turn for the nonsense and I’m tagging 10 bloggers. The rationale behind this selection of 10: Entirely random fifteen selected; then they had to be e-mailable [which is why I had to skip over Daily Pundit] and possibly have the time [which is why I dropped Serf off]. So, I ended up with:
Blognor R, Chris D, Cllr. G.A., Deogolwulf, Gracchi, L'Ombre, Notsaussure, Tin Drummer, David F, Englishman.

But I believe that I’m also required to write 10 things I’d never do, so here they are:

1] Eat oysters, offal or any other slimy thing;
2] Socialize;
3] Vegetate in a rut;
4] Judge a person until I’d heard his whole story;
5] Keep pets;
6] Go the same way the crowd is going;
7] Give up sailing;
8] Bite the hand that feeds me;
9] Have another girlfriend younger than 30;
10] Enjoy the dentist.

Update: Damn - I was also tagged by Notsaussure - what's that called now? Team tagged? Double tagged? Threesome? The mind boggles. And aren't we s'posed to e-mail the person?


  1. Done it- here

    I've also tagged another ten though by god its getting difficult to find people now.

  2. Two and three seem a bit contradictory. You must enjoy living on the edge.

  3. Living on the edge - yes. Suppose I just got used to it and know no other way.