Friday, November 10, 2006

[environment] 50 aspects of the coming water scarcity

When you're thirsty, what do you do? Reach for a can of coke, reach for a beer, pour a mineral water from a plastic bottle or go to the tap and pour yourself a glass? If you can even countenance doing the last one, then you're blessed, as you'll see from the rest of this article.

We’ve been concentrating on oil as the major source of immense political power but so far have skipped over another resource with the potential to be equally political – albeit further down the track, once oil dwindles - water. Becasue it's down the track, the tendency is to shelve it for now.

The diagram above may be too small to see clearly but red indicates physical scarcity, brown – economic scarcity, blue – little or no scarcity and white not estimated and is a projection, based on a number of studies on the situation vis a vis water by 2025.

A summary of 50 main water facts are here

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