Monday, October 23, 2006

[political correctness] raising its ugly head in glasgow

More than surprised that the blogforce north of the border didn’t pick up on this one: I am delighted that Glasgow City Council is going to outlaw sexism. I really despise being referred to as 'hen' and feel there is no place for this level of offensive disempowerment. I'm actively involved in trying to rid the church of exclusive language, and would like to see certain words banned such as brethren.....and yes, I'd like to see the end of the word chairman. Chairperson is absolutely fine. That comes from some hen called Helen, in reaction to the GCC’s Lovely Liz and reported by, of all people, Vox Day in the US of A. Political Correctness. Excuse me one moment - I need to find a bucket.

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  1. I was probably laughing too much yesterday to write about this. Now corrected. Read the comments in Scotland on Sunday.