Saturday, December 13, 2008

[greece] gateway to powerful forces

The sacred and beloved apocalyptic future. Let the game begin.

There’ve been enough analyses of the ongoing Greek riots but many of the explanations either fail to mention or else deliberately ignore key factors and so all we have is a series of “60% correct” summations from different agendas.

On this second page here are the summaries of and links to the material I base this post on. You can always read through this material if you need confirmation of what is said here.

The thing which struck many from the outset was:

1. the rapid response of the rioters to the shooting;
2. the way it spread up and down Greece so quickly and in such a co-ordinated way.

In short, it was both organized and funded. The question was – by whom? Time to look at a bit of history and the players in the arena:

This is the old Byzantine Empire, the portal to Europe and the gateway to Asia Minor and striding about in it are:

New Democracy, the ruling party. They are trying to maintain relations with the EU, the Americans, Turkey and global business, each with its own agenda. On top of this, it has issues with FYROM to the north-west and the increasingly co-ordinated unrest in the major centres.

By the very fact of what they’re trying to achieve, they are part of the global capital/national socialism emanating from the inner circle of the EU, the round table groups, the Bilderbergers et al. Look at Mandelson and Sutherland and you’re looking at the face of this clandestine force, for whom national breakdown is a precursor to greater things.

PASOK The rump of the old socialists and the highest placed orthodox opposition.

The traditional Greek communists. Still a force to be reckoned with, hankering after the Glorious Revolution but also involved in collusion.

The new underclass of foreigners, mainly Muslim, expelled at intervals by the Turks and others and assisted by a network of professional agitators.

Turkey, who, behind their agreements with Greece, e.g. supporting their accession to the EU, continue to pour unrest into Greece plus the Arab nations associated with them, plus Iran, plus the Albanians and the Balkan Muslims.

The people behind the EU [not necessarily the EU itself]. Enough has been written in Britain about their agenda and that’s whom the Greek government have invited in to their country. These are the people behind the current depression, insurgencies everywhere, especially in Africa and the middle and near east.

The U.S. Tied in with the global elite at leadership level, there are nonetheless national agendas. The U.S. is tied, in Greek minds, with the discredited regime of the Colonels.


They’re all at it hammer and tongs in the area and what is being seen in Greece now but also all over Europe is a power game where the global elite find it to their advantage to allow the Muslim jihadi forces in to wreak havoc, creating extreme reactions from the so-called Christian populations and getting a nice scapegoat [albeit, in this case, a guilty one] to launch a new crusade against.

This convinces the banyuls that the state and population are both against them [which they are] and so they welcome the cynically organized and funded, internet aided and co-ordinated professional protesters up and down Europe, which half-unwittingly gives the necessary mandate for state strong-arm tactics and “temporary” suspension of freedoms.

The Greeks like to think that their troubles are unique. They’re not.

They’re part of a global game which utilizes memories of the old games of islamization of Europe, the Marxist rising of workers of the world and all the other useful agendas which can be pressed into service for the ultimate goals of the holders of the money.

This game is about global money, unrest and the reduction of populations to serfdom. Feel free to look at some of the raw material on the issue here.

UPDATE on the university situation, courtesy Cassandra:

What no one mentions is that the Karamanlis Government wants to put an end to the anomaly of university campuses being legalized free houses from criminal prosecution - a leftover from a spade of hyper corrections that took place under previous Socialist Governments in a reaction to the military regime's political persecution of Leftist students.


Cassandra said...

Okay, While I nearly sprang a blood vessel over your initial declaration of expecting to find "truth in the middle" you have done a thorough job here and have come up with a conclusion that should surprise no one. Anarchy will probably prevail until the democratically elected government has been toppled. Btw, I haven't heard you either about the impunity/freedom from prosecution situation on the campuses. This might actually have a lot to do with it.

CherryPie said...

This is a great post James, very well researched. The puzzle is beginning to come into place!

BTW I did read it all ;-)

James Higham said...

I'm still reading and learning, rather than pronouncing - it's a complex issue and yet there are some recognizable forces behind it.

CherryPie said...

It is a complex issue, but you are gathering all the bits of the puzzle into one place which makes it easier to come to a conclusion.

Devika said...

Hi James,

To me its a very interesting introduction into a socio-political issue that i never kept track of..

thank you for that and the link here...


Wolfie said...

The same game is currently being played out in Spain, albeit more quietly and its at an earlier stage right now. Its not fooling the old folks though, they are already invoking the spectres of the civil war and the EU.

Its the younger generation they fear are too brainwashed to understand.