Monday, October 29, 2007

[twin sisters] does europe produce them

What is it which makes a British public figure lose his marbles and fall for a couple of Eastern European twin sisters?

Identical twins Roszika and Yansci Deutsch were born October 25, 1892, in Budapest, Hungary.

In addition to making about a half dozen films made from 1913 to 1920, they toured the theatres and dance halls of Europe [as the naffly named Dolly Sisters]. Sometimes they would appear with separate partners as "rival" acts to boost ticket sales.

Their gambling "career" was nearly as successful. They won $850,000 in one season at Deauville and one evening in Cannes, Jenny won 4 million francs, which she converted to a collection of jewelry, then she went on to win another 11 million more.

Clearly a wild couple of ladies, this didn't stop old H. Gordon Selfridge from leaving home with a Dolly sister on each arm.

After his wife's tragic death in 1918, Selfridge travelled the nation doing a music hall act with the Eastern European Twin Sisters. Eventually, he lost his controlling interest in Selfridge's and blew his entire fortune on gambling, eventually dying in poverty.

Of course that was then and this is now and you'd never expect to see a British public figure up sticks today for a couple of naffly named Eastern European Twin Sisters. Or even for one of them.


mutleythedog said...

Do you not have any naked pics pf them? Just wondered...

jmb said...

There's no fool like an old fool, but it's a very sad story. I guess I'm missing the last reference to the current "fool".

Ian Appleby said...

That's a lovely orange top she's wearing.

Ellee said...

I have a twin brother called Elvan, can you imagine two Ellees if I had had a twin sister instead?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Ah, Selfridge - I knew I'd heard of them somewhere. Poor man was probably very lonely. What a sensible woman, to blow it all on jewellery!