Wednesday, January 31, 2007

[surprise] most read posts on the site

Offhand, what are your most visited posts? There are three older posts viewed more than any others on this site and I have to say they’re a mighty surprise:

1] Barry Humphries and Norman Gunston;
2] Dr. Crippen Part 1 and Part 2;
3] The art of French dressing.

I see this from the ‘entry page ranking’ which doesn't tell us a lot, as our homepage is the most viewed and yet it's indicative. As I do various themes, some idea which ones are read and which are duds helps planning.

What about you?


As A Dodo said...

Most hits ever? Our obituary for Steve Irwin (a particular favourite with the Kiwis that one). Strangely popular? Our obit for The Milky Bar Kid: he gets at least 3 hits a day despite having been written months ago - why he should be such an obect of fascination is anyone's guess. Oh and the name Beckham seems to suck people in almost magically, which is really rather disturbing.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I'm always surprised at which posts on my blog prove popular. Something which I think won't be generally is and vice-versa! My Nelson posts got a lot of hits and my food photos usually do, too. On your blog, James, I like your take and wry humour on politics, your Shakespeare quotes, your celebrity ones and your quizzes too! But you're always interesting and every day there is information which I know I wouldn't find anywhwere else.

Gracchi said...

My most hit ones I think normally are the film ones largely because I get them linked on IMDB and a dribble come across every week to have a look at them from that. The google searches always intrigue me I had quite a lot who came and still do come to an article I wrote about the Ahbash sect in Syria for example.