Wednesday, January 31, 2007

[connex] now it’s faulty brakes and cancellations

Remember Connex and the wonderful times UK commuters had with them? And how they went downunder to wreak their particular type of vengeance? It’s now even worse:

Connex has endured a horror month of cancellations, forcing even more passengers into already overcrowded carriages. Under mounting pressure to allay public safety fears over the faulty brakes crisis, Connex chairman Bob Annells will meet transport regulators this morning before deciding whether to withdraw the entire fleet..

This precipitated an Age poll:

Should the State Government dump Connex?
Yes - 86%
No - 14%

Total Votes: 6243

Wonderful company. Wonderful.


CityUnslicker said...


What do you think though about train companies in general. FOr once I see country's with state owned co's have good service and those with private owned infrastructure have bad services?

As a free-marketeer I find this distrassing. Do you agree with the analysis though?

Alex Makin said...

Melbourne's public transport system has been left to languish due to inaction and incompetence from the former Minister for Transport, Peter Batchelor.

The State Government knew about the braking issues back in 2004 and yet failed to ensure that an adequate backup in the form of surplus trains were available. The State Government must start providing action rather than simply using Connex as a buffer to avoid responsibility.

It is the Government's use of Connex as a way of avoiding responsibility, rather than privatisation itself, that the reasoning behind Melbourne's poorly performing rail network.

Alex Makin