Saturday, January 20, 2007

[connex] can only locate 10% of its trains

Everybody loves Connex … according to Connex.

Many Brits have a sneaking admiration for the go-ahead perspicacity of Australia, particularly in cricket. I wonder what they’ll think after this story. Have you ever heard of Connex? Of the Brit disaster? Of how the company lost its contracts?

Australia obviously hadn’t heard about it because they were then allowed downunder to wreak their particular brand of havoc:

Melbourne’s rail operator, Connex, can pinpoint the location of trains on as little as 10 per cent of its network, The Sunday Age has found. More than three years after a damning report found the lack of a "real-time" display of train positions was a factor in a crash between a suburban train and a V/Line country train, Connex has admitted there has been no upgrade of Melbourne's old train-monitoring system.

My questions are 1] who approved the giving of the contract to this inept company in Britain; 2] why didn’t Australia learn from the lesson and 3] why aren’t the directors behind bars?


MuseinMeltdown said...

Thank you so much for sharing this - talk about incompetence to aspire to...


Gracchi said...

They are awful- I am a native of South London so have suffered under their incompetence for a while- poor Australia.