Our position on “Wokery” and blogwars at N.O.

The purpose of this blog, its raison d’etre, the reason we even bother, is tell the truth, to expose misinformation and disinformation and to stop those wrecking our institutions and lives, to stop those removing ethics from public dealings. This is not a forum for mano a mano. There are other blogs to do that on ... we simply will not engage here at N.O., inc. zero tolerance of trolls.

Our contributors and main readers, though we’re from different fields, disagreeing on some things for sure, by and large though are in agreement on a range of positions which could be described as anti-Wokery. The criterion is ... is it true or is it false, serving someone's agenda.

Further explanation

We’re coloured by our experiences along the way and I learnt the hard way in 2007-9 not to engage in a blogwar with fellow onliners in comments.  It’s counterproductive, stops the thrust of the blog and distracts us into the spurious.

Not all our recent readers are aware that ad hominem ist verboten here.  

Also, on highly provocative matters between us, as distinct from world affairs ... once each party has had one say, the admin reserves the right to curtail the dispute and close comments.  So you'd best get the thing said in the first comment.

If it is defamatory or likely to cause all out war here between commenters, then it might not even make it to the blog.  This is a rarity for regulars, far more often for those hostile towards what the blog is about.

Further, I reiterate that my responsibility is to the law of the land, to Google Blogger, WordPress, Substack, Gab and to our readers, but most of all to what we’re trying to do.  We are not neutral, we’re anti-Woke.

James, on 03.09.22