Wednesday, May 22, 2013

EU - it's the lies more than the issue itself

Heseltine, he was one of those 40 years ago who lied to the British public.

The lie at that time was that we were only joining the EEC as a trade organization.  As the other major European nations were going to be doing this, The UK felt it should get in and become part of and maybe even defend or dominate - whatever.

That's how it was presented to the public and a referendum was put in which people affirmed they wanted to be part of that.

Maastricht and sundry other events such as Lisbon showed clearly though there had been no intention ever at leaving it at that.  The Club of Rome was behind the whole push and that contained many of the worst elements of the German old family elite, the same ones who had enabled Hitler.

The Germans' purpose became clear - to dominate Europe and assist in the dismantling of the UK, in particular dismantling England as a unit and turning it into 9 regions of the EU, along with Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

They tried it on with Regional Assemblies through the Labour government, they've tried it on with funding of the English regions, e.g. Yorkshire Forward and the SWRDA.  It's exactly the same thing as the EBRD in Russia and the club of Paris money there.

There is lying being done at every level and what is abundantly obvious to observers is that up to 80% of legislation now is emanating from the unelected EU and a small band of unelected officials.   The British public have had no say in this at all post-referendum.

Now that withdrawal is a very real possibility, the lies are coming thick and fast from those wishing to remain in this body which is costing the British taxpayer billions.

1.  That we can't trade with anyone from outside the union.

What utter bollox.  Are Mercedes going to cease trading with us, are the countries we're in a trade surplus situation with going to stop trading?   Of course they're not.  That's at least something the socialists concede - that trade has no conscience.   It will happen regardless of who's in which union, just as it does happen worldwide in all those countries not within the EU.

2.  It will cost billions to withdraw.

Again, utter bollox.  It will initially cost for the legalities to be concluded but what it saves in billions in perpetuity is beyond reckoning.   While the UK is being ravaged by its own government at the behest of the EU, it is still one of the strongest nations in the world for GDP - it's not quite third world yet.

3.  It would hurt business.

Only the largest corporations are saying this, themselves global and therefore not ploughing back into the country, themselves avoiding tax.  For medium to small business, the raft of regulations governing them, along with local government greed, is crippling growth and you can see it in every boarded up shop window on the high street.

Leaving the EU is the first step to freeing up those businesses.

4.  There is no mechanism, it's too complex to do.

Rubbish.  It will be done through Article 50 of the EU scripture and is quite straightforward, backed by legal precedent within the country stemming from 1689 and beyond.   The number of pundits who are imagining all sorts of complications are missing the point - this is the EU rhetoric they are quoting, EU law, not British law.  Under our laws, it is quite possible and can be done at any time, unilaterally.

5.  We will become deeply unpopular in Europe.

And are we popular now?   Why make empty noises about leaving and indulge in chest thumping, which does make us unpopular, when we should simply either leave or not.  One or the other.  And that can be best determined by an in-out referendum on it.  Why are they refusing, prevaricating, kicking and screaming about this?

6.  The EU is Europe

No it's not.  As those countries which voted No said, the EU was simply an imposition forced on the various nations who happened, geographically, to be in Europe.   Europe is Europe and each nation in it has a long history of relations with us.

The EU is a parasitic body imposed by the Club of Rome upon an unsuspecting mass of people of the various nations.  Europe is not synonymous with EU.

This is one of the worst lies.  Anyone opposing the EU is met with the rejoinder: "Why do you hate Europe?"   The two are separate things, separate issues.  One can easily love Europe and despise the EU and its undemocratic bunch of crims at the top.

There are two fundamental issues underlying all this.   One is that our nation has the right of self-determination, not dictated to by other nations.   The other is that the EU is a lie, put to the people fraudulently and many of those criminals are still in Westminster, still doing their worst.

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