Sunday, June 28, 2009

[the new woman] vampire abuser in the night

Via Vox:

New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics figures show that over the past eight years, the number of women charged with domestic abuse has rocketed by 159 per cent. In 2007, 2,336 women fronted court on domestic violence charges, compared to around 800 in 1999.

Vox comments:

The ironic thing is that these self-emasculated men claim their passivity stems from their chivalry, but that can't possibly be true because chivalry requires honor. And a lady, for that matter. Speaking of honor, it's not hard to imagine that female-initiated domestic violence cease to be an issue soon enough now that the concept of honor-killing has reached the USA and Europe.

I commented at Vox's site:

I find this bleating astounding. In my own life, I've been mauled, claw-scratched, kicked in the shins, punched and have had her teeth vampired in my neck. So? It's all par for the course, part of the penalty of being a heterosexual, part of life's rich pageant. You just need to say, 'Sorry you feel this way,' and get on with life.

Each to his or her own I suppose.


His Girl Friday said...

oh, I could comment on this being privy to some stories. Will have to think strong on this so as not to offend the 'sisterhood' nor sound like a man-basher, which I am not.

I'm more akin to what you are saying, James. Although, I think in the future, you should choose your companions more wisely! :/ :)

James Higham said...

I've always seemed to end up with wild ones. I await your revelations with bated breath.


Now you tell us you actually like it?I have wondered if you find me too much of a handful for months...when it seems I'm not enough.LOL

James Higham said...

Give me more, more!

His Girl Friday said...

glutton for punishment, are you?...So interesting to get to know you ;)