Sunday, June 07, 2009

[blogroll day] can't put it off any longer

Groan! Aaaaagh!

Don't get me wrong - I love getting round to the blogs but 'doing the blogrolls' is a pain in the butt. Have a quick look at mine and you'll see what I mean. Some of you have pretty large ones too [rolls, I mean] and I wouldn't want you revamping them because you might just drop me off yours.

They do need reworking though. Mutual visitors, those I visit but they never visit me, the deceased and dormant, the active - the thing I don't like is being unfair. The majority of my visitors read the blog in RSS anyway so how can we know?

Also, it shouldn't be a tit-for-tat thing. A person should be blogrolled because he/she is interesting, except for Bloghounds where I'm duty bound to carry the whole roll.

Also, I made a decision some time back that I don't like using the RSS because it doesn't give that blogger a hit. Only visiting does that. So though it takes some time, that's what I prefer to do and have a look round while I'm there.

How do you handle yours [blogrolls, I mean]?

UPDATE 13:27 - Gee, it's a big job, isn't it? Have to do the bookmarks too and the RSS feeds.
UPDATE 15:31 - Blogs done on Word, news sources now being HTMLed - don't trust Blogrollingdotcom any more.
UPDATE 17:24 - Have created a new blog to house the Guest Posters - going crosseyed here with the html.
UPDATE 19:04 - Time for breakfast - guest posters done on Word and now need to be put on the new blog.


angus said...

Completely useless! very remiss of me I keep meaning to visit and then something in RL comes up.

So apologies to all that visit and I don't, the spirit is weak and RL is a pain.

Lord T said...

I blog because I like to hear my own voice (22nd Century voice is words on a screen so it translates well)
Besides you, who leaves a comment, I have no idea who visits my blog.

I build my blogroll on sites that complement what I’m trying to say or provide supporting information.

I do have a separate list which contains the sites I visit on a daily basis. It hasn’t changed much in a year or so and most of them are not on my blogroll.

Mark Wadsworth said...

I simply link to anybody who links to me* (that's about a hundred), and then I keep the top twelve in another list**, I shuffle between the categories on an ad hoc basis.

* I intend to do another list of bloggers who DON'T link to me, of which there are still a couple of dozen.

** The usual rules apply, it's a mixture of how much I like their blog, how many hits I get from it, how often they comment on mine and so on.


I have never swapped blogrolling as a mutual you do me/I'll do you kind of thing. If I enjoy someone's blog and intend to return regularly then I blogroll them as a means of finding them again. It's never been required that they read my blog.

MJW said...

I need to tidy up my blog rolls because there are dead blogs on their, plus Im fed up with blogrolling, however I don't get enought time to blog as much as I like, let alone do a proper tidy.

I've never actually bothered finding out how much traffic I get, firstly because I don't want it to drive my blogging with stats (it's nice to know people visit, read and leave comments), but that's not really why I blog. Secondly, commercial web analytics was a major part of my job for several years (and may end up being again), so it was too much like work when I first started blogging.

jams o donnell said...

If a blogger links I will usually return the compliment.. unless I find the blogger utterly obnoxious. A reciprocal link is not always permanent though.

Gracchi said...

Hmmmm I try and keep mine short but it always grows! I don't really believe in just linking to someone because they link back but linking to them because I either like them or like what they do. But I don't practice what I preach and generally just link a bit too indiscriminately.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Mine is very long and I find it difficult to get round to all. I do add people who add me. Like you, I don't use the RSS thingie 'cos I prefer to give people a hit. I have good intentions of updating my blogroll regularly but I don't get round to it. I take people off if they haven't posted for 3 months. The ones that really irritate me, though, are those who decide they're giving up, so you take them off, then the next day they're there again, then they give up again.. I just can't keep up with them.

William Gruff said...

My blogroll tends to reduction than the reverse.


You must be just about my only reader. Many thanks for your comments.

James Higham said...

Interesting reading these. William - you write common sense so that's what it's all about.

CherryPie said...

I did start off with the reciprocal link option (on my blog), but then I figured my blog is me. Now I am working towards promoting only those that I find interesting and are not offensive.

I follow more in my google reader and visit them. I find the reader useful for alerting me to new posts.

The Bloghounds group is promoted from my blog too. A great bunch of bloggers ;-)

James Higham said...