Tuesday, June 30, 2009

[alcohol] which nations drink the most

Now here's a big shock - the most alcohol soaked nations on earth are below. Are those vodka soaked Russkies and Finns near the top? Are the German and Australian lager lovers? Take a stab at the top ten in your head first, then check below and here.

# 1 Luxembourg: 15.5 litres per capita
# 2 France: 14.8 litres per capita
# 3 Ireland: 13.5 litres per capita
# 4 Hungary: 13.4 litres per capita
# 5 Czech Republic: 12.1 litres per capita
# 6 Spain: 11.7 litres per capita
# 7 Denmark: 11.5 litres per capita
# 8 Portugal: 11.4 litres per capita
# 9 United Kingdom: 11.2 litres per capita
# 10 Austria: 11.1 litres per capita


His Girl Friday said...

I'm absolutely shocked!

Shocked that ya'll are near the bottom... ;)

xlbrl said...

One of your old Monty Python writers, who had an unused PhD in medicine, told of his drinking days--and they were every one of them bespotted--that he drank 80 ounces of gin a day. That would sink your 15 liters in under a week. 15 liters, peh.

James Higham said...

These results are certainly surprising.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I knew the French were at or near the top but not the order of the others. I suppose the British drink a lot when they do drink, but not every day. Just goes to show the Itals drink surprisingly little.

BobG said...

Are they talking about liters of alcohol, or alcoholic beverages? A person could drink a lot of beer, but not get as much alcohol as a person drinking smaller amounts of whiskey.

James Higham said...

Welshcakes - thanks.

They're talking about any, e.g. watered down wine.