Tuesday, May 26, 2009

[will you still need me] will you still feed me

Paul McCartney will be 67 on June 8th.



Tom Paine said...

...when I'm 67...!? This post is three years late.

James Higham said...



He was always my favourite of he fab 4 until how apallingly he treated Heather Mills. At his age, and with his wealth, it was a digrace he fought so hard over money-instead of being reasonable and enjoying what time he has left.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

He can't be! Not Paul!!

His Girl Friday said...

Well, Ubermouth....Can't buy me love...;)

James Higham said...

Uber - she was a gold-digger though, wasn't she? That was why he did it.

Welshcakes - Tom has confused the issue. I think he is.

HGF - no indeed.


Every abuser has their justification.
I am not tha jazzed with Heather Mills but from a legal standpoint- she did not have the funds for her own lawyer-when he should have been made to pay both for equal footing, and would have been ordered to in N America.
She received only 5% of their combined earnings for the 7 yrs they were together.

Over MONEY , of which he has more than a small island's economy, he brought her to ill repute/distress/near suicide which could not ,not have impacted negatively on their daughter he claims to love.
Seems it was more him who was the most concerned with the 'gold'.
Fucking bastard is what he is.
Plus when a man that old married a young woman he knows what BOTH are there for!

The mere fact that she got less to raise HIS daughter which required a higher level of expense, her being a Beatlette, like security,than if she'd had a pre nup shows how shrewd and calculating he is.