Tuesday, May 12, 2009

[propaganda] predators, women and the ahl

Finding myself in a town not far away, I’ve decided to post this today rather than wait until tomorrow because I’d prefer to concentrate on the book, visiting and any fallout tomorrow.

Let’s face it, from the nastiness of Saturday and yesterday [stalker posts and comments passim], it appears the anti-higham lobby [AHL], of whom Azrael is their chairman or high priest, is getting active again. Why now?

There’s a threefold goal, according to his message yesterday – to see me ejected from Bloghounds, to see me run out of the blogosphere in shame [or at least shunned by one and all] and to nail the woman I’ve been supporting [which I suspect might be the real purpose]. This woman we’re speaking of has shown me nothing but support and kindness and I have feelings for her.


This is the tenor of the reactions in my inbox so far:

‘I really don’t know why you’re giving this man a platform to make his wild accusations. You’d have been better off ignoring him.’

‘I don’t accept a word he says, I’m afraid, the man’s obviously unbalanced, I think I can make my own mind up ...’

‘James, what are you doing? XXXX by XXXX was thrown out of XXXX, he has no support except those who are so closely aligned to him that they have no choice but support him. Let it go, buddy.’

My friend also opined yesterday that they [the AHL] haven’t a hope in hell of touching her, she’s too hot for them and not even the police will support her stalker, so he chooses the soft target instead who doesn’t know how to go for the jugular.

I listened to these folks and see their point but the man did make specific accusations and these needed to be scotched once and for all. You see, there’s a new generation of readers now who didn’t see his destructive little game last year and it’s better they know whom they’re dealing with.

The people who sent those comments above are people of decency whom I don’t think fully understand the barrel scraping and gutter posting certain people are prepared to stoop to and so it did seem right to open up to the readers.

But this will certainly be the last post on the matter.


The problem for the AHL is that they’re shooting wide of the mark thus far … so it’s time I helped them out a bit.

Firstly, my trilogy [tomorrow] has enough hot stuff in there to scorch me from here to kingdom come, as I wrote yesterday. Secondly, I’m going to show them two areas [below] where they’re wasting their time. Thirdly, I’ll give them a hot tip as to where they should actually be looking.

In return, I reserve the right to really go to town on each of them, one by one, showing just what ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ people we’re dealing with here.


You’re not going to get anywhere with the university line, AHL, there are documents before the Bloghounds committee now and those august three know the lie of the land. One further ‘document’ is the above photo and my case rests on those girls’ eyes. No group of females of 22/23 is going to give that look to someone whom all the girls knew to be a serial-sleaze. Female universities are hotbeds of gossip, after all. And by the way, the camera belongs to the red-headed girl. I don’t own one.

The women, in their 50s, who run such universities in Russia are ex-Soviet Union and to hold such a position for twenty years in a place like that with over 1200 girls and about 120 boys, a Dean and her offsiders are definitely not naïve do-gooders [although they’re good people inside]. They’re very astute, canny operators, used to navigating through a minefield of government regulations, fiercely protecting the reputation of the university and doing anything for their students, their charges. Women in positions of responsibility in both Britain and the U.S.A. would know precisely the nature of these ladies and they don’t suffer either fools or charlatans gladly.

The bloggers who’ve met me

This is possibly a more fruitful line. I’ve met, face to face, four fellow bloggers since leaving Russia. Apart from one initial blogpost by JHL, none of those four would post anything on me and I’m sure as hell not going to post anything on them, except positively. JHL still posts on my blog, the other three are more than welcome to and all are visitors to this site, as I am to them. We’ve had our differences of opinion but I only have 22 words for these people: ‘Thank you for your many kindnesses, which I most certainly shall make up to you, as and when it becomes possible again.’

My ex-girlfriend

To the AHL, she’s the one you should be pursuing and in her are rich pickings for you.

There are plans afoot for her to come over in late August and visit me, so I envisage a bloggers get-together in a pub in a central location like, say, Droitwich Spa or Worcester, I’ll see if she’d be willing to come along and meet you and you can ask whatever you like [she speaks near-perfect English, with a slight accent].

To give a small pen-sketch as to the essential problem with her – she’s provocative and divisive.

When she walks into a room, two things happen. The women detest her and the men start thinking thoughts they’d prefer their wives not to know. You understand, there are women of the sisterhood who enjoy each other’s company and then there are men-oriented women.

She’s the latter.

Furthermore, she’s bad for the man she’s with because everyone then looks at him [she prefers the more mature kind] and wonders. Once, she and her mother went into a café called Giuseppe, on the tree-lined street called Kryemlovskaya [Kremlin Street], looking for me but I’d already left and when I returned, I asked the girls behind the counter, ‘Did a beautiful blondinka come in here not long ago with her mother? They’re both very thin.’

One of the girls shook her head but another said, ‘Two sisters were in here asking for you.’

I asked, ‘Was one of them wearing glasses?’


‘That was them,’ I answered. ‘Spasibo, dye’vushki.’

She’s cantankerous, capricious, always taking the opposite direction to wherever you want her to go, her ego’s the size of a planet but she’s also very, very shy in some ways and adores small animals and birds with broken wings whom she’ll take home and nurse back to health. At last count, I think there were six cats in that house.

If anyone hurts her, I’ll kill him. That’s the sort of loyalty she inspires in men and I’m still besotted by her, even now, as are a few others, I have to admit. She wrote to me not long ago, aching to see me again and vice-versa. One of the pics in the trilogy is actually a sketch of her.

So that’s where your best bet lies if you want to nail me because I plead absolutely guilty in advance and I’d love to see you try to handle her. 

Oh, one more thing. Once, she came to my university to meet up after work and I’ll never forget that scene in the foyer. I’d asked her to wait outside [it was early autumn] but she wasn’t having any of that – she never did as I asked. Now you’d understand that, with 900 girls of all shapes and sizes in that building, the local boys were always pressing to get in to meet them.

She walked in and how she got past the man on the door without a pass I still don’t know, she wasn’t even made up, that’s how confident she was and everyone turned and looked at her for about five seconds or watched form the corner of the eyes. I swear that was true.


So, off the pleasant topics and back to the nastiness. Joseph Goebbels learnt his propaganda techniques very well and invented one or two himself. The AHL have also learnt one or two tricks from Azrael and everyone concedes he’s a professional - one of the best in Britain, so he has a lot of people automatically accepting what he or they say.

I’d like to describe two of these techniques below, with your permission. Azrael himself describes it thus:

D---- calls me polished. Polished, because he knows me. Because he knows underneath that layer, I CAN be pretty cold booded and ruthless. Hey, I'm a salesman. Of COURSE I'm good. Think about it. Would a company pay me what they pay me if I wasn't????

Look, I'm good. Don't deny it. Damn good salesman. And I can't teach what I do. I can't. Of COURSE I have a strategy- the attack and lull strategy- but no matter how hard I try, no trainee can pick it up, you can either do what I do- you was born to do it- or you can't.

What wins is walking in thinking 'I'm going to close you down, mate. I'm going to cut off your options and you WILL do what I want.' I'm fairly blatant in my work. It;s WHY I'm the best. 'EVERYONE can be cozened or cowed, just pick your tool, but don't fuck up, because it really is, either or.'

Higham is the first to nod and concede – the man is good at what he does and he cuts a swathe through middle-aged women and young girls alike who have no defences, not to mention the men – not all men won’t have a bar of him.

That’s the sort of person we’re dealing with here.

The email technique

1. Decide whom you wish to close down, maybe someone who slighted you or someone who campaigned against you.

2. Check who’s your target’s most regular visitors and whom he counts on for support.

3. Start cozying up [to use his own word] to their blog, always be the first to come in with an intelligent, educated comment [women love that] and continue this for some time.

4. Somehow, email contact is made and it’s all very cozy and innocent for a while until he casually suggests they exchange phone numbers. he works best by voice and can better gauge the reaction at the other end of the line.

5. Now in a state of mutual ‘friendship’, he might ask, ‘What do you think of James?’ or some such. The blogger replies that James is OK, except maybe for this or that quirk. Our salesman jots that down and agrees that James is OK.

6. He writes to another blogger close to his target and says that Jane [let’s make up a name] is a bit worried about James doing this. he actually misrepresents what Jane said but not so far away that Jane would deny it. Jill [let’s make up another name], seeing the attestation of Jane as a mandate to herself open up, admits the thought had crossed her mind too about James.

7. When the dossier’s big enough [that’s what Azrael means by ‘accumulating evidence’], he now approaches all of them, saying things like, ‘You know, we really should do something about James.’

And so on. It’s a tried and trusted technique but you’d need to be a cold blooded, ruthless sociopath to use it.

Black is white technique

1. Take all the buzz words which have been used against you – sleaze, scumbag, sociopath, egotist, trouble-maker etc. – and write them all down. Also note the thrust of the allegations against you and internalize them in your mind.

2. Allow your natural tendency for denial full flourish and work yourself into a state where you truly believe you are the opposite of those things. It’s like method acting [De Niro and so on]. You can’t pull this off unless you can completely convince yourself that you are as pure as pure.

3. Now compose posts, emails and so on, projecting all of those things onto your object of hatred and dredging up any evidence you can from your dossiers in support of that [selected full emails, things the target might have written in posts etc.] and weave them into your narrative so that they appear to dovetail. It helps here if you’re not a bad writer. Azrael claims he is a far better writer than Higham, so that obviously qualifies him.

4. Act the innocent, for example, about phoning someone, claiming that she phoned you, not the other way round. It actually happened this way – he phoned, she phoned, he phoned, she phoned. Choose only the 2nd to 4th of those [with email support] and the impression given is entirely different to what the phone records say but hey, who checks phone records anyway? The punters you have in your pocket sure as hell don’t – they’ve already bought your story.

5. Now use the ‘little compliment’ technique on the women to sell them your version and with the men, you need to use the ‘hey, I’m a Brit like you, we’re men of the world’ approach, tailoring your manner to what you know will both please and convince the people you need to support you.

6. Knowing the target won’t let your comment stay in the comments section, email people copies and say, ‘This is what James didn’t want you to know.’ Climate of natural suspicion.

7. Send in your closest supporters to act as if they’re independent readers who have decided, on balance, to support Azrael and that ‘if readers knew what I know about James, you wouldn’t be supporting him’. They make vague references to the past.

8. Sit back and wait for the mutterings and murmurings to begin on blogposts all over the sphere, then act the injured innocent when you’re approached about ‘the truth of the matter’. Here you have to rely on the ‘damning with faint praise’ and ‘where there’s smoke, there’s fire’ technique and soon you have your result.

This is the heavy artillery.

These techniques are proven, they’ve been shown to work on the majority of punters who do not have their defences up. And who does have his/her defences up anyway? Azrael knows that most of you don’t really give a damn what Higham or anyone else does - your family, your work and you are the only focuses in your life, with perhaps a little blogging on the side.

So when he gets past your guard with his viper techniques, you never think you’ve been duped.

Some people though are in a line of business where they need to be awake to people like Azrael, e.g. insurance assessors, police. These people compare the demeanour of the target and compare it to the ‘too perfect’ technique of the predator and don’t buy his line.

They ask questions like, ‘Why would this Azrael suddenly pop up now? Why not earlier? Why would Higham react so savagely and at such length? What’s the most likely scenario here?’

The problem for the Azraels, Common Purposes and EUs of the world is that there really are astute people out there who can see through them. Azrael would answer that people can see through Higham, not the other way around but it was not Higham who dredged all this up again, was it? It was Azrael last week and on Saturday who reintroduced the trouble.

Higham himself was just trying to get on with his blogging at the time and will do so again as of tomorrow.

Whoa, you say – who’s going to invest that sort of time and effort for a largely unproductive result? The answer is - a psychopath who’s recently found himself a new job, now has the resources to do so, has infinite patience and a new goal in life.


Gallimaufry said...

Sorry for going off topic, but I would appreciate some more aerodynamics posts: the one on anhedral and dihedral was especially good.

CalumCarr said...


I'm not around much at mo but I've managed to pick up on this latest episode. My view is unchanged.

I know where truth is: here and not with CbI or Azrael or whatever name he chooses to use or with any of his supporters.

Good luck, James. You know where I am.


Is it 'chopping off heads'time?

I came back especially....

James Higham said...

Gallimaufry - I have a computer full of them. I'll oblige, sir, esp on the efficacy of various sections.

Calum - thanks for that but he knows now, I think, where he can stick his smut raking - people just aren't interested in this guff.

Uber - no, we're winding this thing up now and I hope he's not going to be silly about it.


I wasn't even meaning 'Azrael' but the ones who encourage,enable and exploit an unwell man to attack you ,even providing false ammo, for their own agendas.

CherryPie said...

I am glad the head chopping has been vetoed, it would make an awful mess ;-)