Friday, January 23, 2009

[retail today] going the extra yard

Oh, I like this one, about Right Rant's trip to WH Smith:

She scanned the paper and then put the bloody thing in a carrier bag - and with a receipt to boot! Talk about eco friendly - a friggin carrier bag for a newspaper! And a receipt - whats that for? So that I can take the paper back if there's a fault with it? 'Can I have my money back for this newspaper please, it's gone wrong'.

Every time I go to my bank, the lady asks me, after we've done the dirty deed: "Would you be liking something else, Mr. Higham?" [Love the continuous tense.]

In the case of one nice teller named Nikki, it might be a consideration but in general, the answer would have to be: "No thanks, the money's enough for now but thanks for the offer anyway."


Gracchi said...

Superfluous receipts really annoy me- sandwich shops in stations where I'm obviously buying the bloody thing to eat it immediatly send me mad with the receipts they give you. They should have a special bin on the counter where you can put it to go straight to recycling.


In a throw away society,where even the people are throw away,we do generate far too much garbage.
Our mobile phones get a bit old and we throw away a perfectly functional item for a newer model.

This recession will teach us to re-use,recycle and that we can get by on what we have.

JPT said...

Another thing (of waste) that annoys me is all of these free DVD's and CD's you get with everything nowadays.
Nobody really wants them and certainly nobody actually NEEDS the bloody things so in this age of economic crisis and planetry doom I think they should be banned!

CherryPie said...

Would you be liking something else

Obviously a different scrip from telephone banking. The phrase they use is 'Can I help you with anything else today?'

Damon Lord said...

I'm bloody fed up with all the upselling you get in banks at the moment. No I don't bloody want to change my account (except to a different bank)! As if I'm likely to now want to use them more, now they're in the doodoo themselves!

And JPT - a few years ago, EVERYONE was inundated with those bloody AOL CDs. We used the AOHell CDs as mats for our coffee mugs....

jams o donnell said...

There are time that I would like to come back with that retirt James. Then again it's not the fault of the the bank staff - they have to try and sell you other things...


I tell ya, we're going to have another war. Wars always generate money and reduce population, of course.
I see no other way.
In the mantime, we are going to have to live like post war Britain.
Do you know how to unpick and re -knit a sweater, Cherie when there's a hole in it?

CherryPie said...

Uber - RE: the unpick and re-knit I would need to know more info on that...

Is it a sweater in the process of being knitted or an old sweater?

How big is the hole?

(before anyone thinks I am being flippant - those are serious questions)

James Higham said...

Tiberius - there a pain.

Uber - true.

JPT - total waste.

Cherie - that's it.

Damon - I feel the same.

Jams - it's not their fault, true.