Tuesday, December 30, 2008

[mystery town quiz] round the world

1. The name stems from Dwrgwyn, from the Old Welsh (also a Brythonic language) dwr or "water" and gwyn Brythonic for "white" or "clear". Thus the name may mean "clear water".

2. It's a capital and is closer to the capitals of five other countries than to the capital of its own. The region has a tropical climate, with a wet season and a dry season. It receives heavy rainfall during the Wet, and is well-known for its spectacular lightning.

3. The navigational head of the Missouri River, this town is located very near to the centre of the North American continent, far removed from any major bodies of water. It has hot, humid summers and cold snowy winters.

4. The town with the highest elevation in the country, it is near Lake Louise, was named by a Scot after his birthplace and has given its name to a crater on the surface of the Planet Mars.

5. Situated between the Buffalo and Nahoon Rivers, it is the country's only river port. Originally called Port Rex, it is home to the Xhosas and has an unusual double-decker bridge.


Darwen, Darwin, Sioux City, Banff, East London


Steve Hayes said...

1 & 2 both sound like Darwin

5 sounds like East London

James Higham said...

You do know, Steve, that the answers are secreted in the post.