Thursday, November 27, 2008

[2008 weblog awards] state of play

Apparently nominations closed on November 21st and there were 47 nominated, from what I can gather, from whom 10 will be selected as finalists.

Therefore, the chances of my blog being selected are small, with some pretty top blogs in there - UK Daily Pundit, DK, Flip Chart Fairy Tales, Melanie, Samizdata, and so on. They say that voting starts on December 8th and that the final lists will be announced some days before.

There's not a lot a blogger can say in that situation without hypocrisy but if I do manage to make it to the list of finalists and you can see your way clear etc. etc., well ...

What are my chances? I shouldn't say they were high. Once, an old headmaster told me that about 80% spoke highly of me but 20% wanted my guts for garters. I should think, in the light of the unpleasant truths I've recently been telling from this blog, that the latter percentage might be considerably higher at this moment. Plus there are some damned good blogs in there.

Anyway, we'll see what happens.