Wednesday, October 29, 2008

[classic posts] not all bloggers have them

Try Theo's contribution to Hallowe'en.

There are great blogs and then there are very good blogs which have some absolutely classic articles. On Obama, McCain and the election coverage, try these two:

* Great moments in election year blogging

* Lockwood and Malone

The first blogger here is dismissed by some and yet he has some classic stuff. The second does not post all that often but when he does, it's usually close to classic.



I don't know why Theo's video is on your 'classic' post. I find it racistand offensive, but coming from a devout sexist I am not surprised.

James Higham said...

Obama's camp certainly wouldn't like it but how is it exactly sexist, Uber?


No, it's not sexist. I was referring to Theo's blog in general.