Thursday, September 25, 2008

[fusionman] spirit of adventure

The Taipan has now replaced the QB2 I once sailed but the principle is the same - two man crew, both on trapeze and a very, very fast boat indeed.

I know it's re-reporting what was in the Telegraph today anyway but this represents the type of thing which gives us hope.

Fusionman's flight across the channel will reportedly take place at 13:00 BST, launching from a plane and crossing the English Channel in about 12 minutes. Good luck to him.

Though my little ventures never reached these proportions, forgive me for mentioning that I have also attempted things in my time, once making it into the Australian press for trying to sail an off the beach QB2 catamaran round Port Philip Bay [about 300 miles in sometimes treacherous waters, which did run us onto the rocks at Brighton when a gale hit] and I once took part in a marathon in an A Class catamaran, placing 5th from 68 entrants. Long time ago now. This is a short little video of one of these craft sailing:

It's very much in the English blood, the nautical spirit of adventure but airborne feats are as well. They take more money though. Some say these sorts of things are a waste of resources, which could have been spent on the poor but without this spirit of adventure, surely a community is that much the poorer for it?

Finally, just check out this video of Fusionman:

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jams o donnell said...

I hope he makes it. Even if the money could ahve been better spent elsewhere I agree that we would be a little bit poorer without his like.

As for nautical tradition, I will never be supplanting the likes of Drake, Blake, Nelson, Cochrane et al with my nautical prowess!