Tuesday, July 22, 2008

[top ten] political blogs to think over

Suppose the Top Ten UK Political Blogs would need to include Iain Dale, Devil's Kitchen, Mr Eugenides ... and then the thinking caps then go on as to who would fill the other spots.

Bloghounds' Donal, Steve and Andrew would be strong contenders for a start. What of our economics bloggers?

And will the Scots be allowed in?


Colin Campbell said...

Not with this kind of thinking.

Colin Campbell said...

On reading Guthrums article and reading the article itself and the comments, The Edinburgh Dungeon is run by the Merlin Group the second largest visitor entertainment company based in Chessington and Poole Dorset. They run such anti English activities as Chessington Zoo, Tussauds and the London Eye. I recommend that all English people boycott those as a protest.

Pretty silly and excellent publicity.

CherryPie said...

So many to choose from, I am working on it ;-)

timothy moriarty said...

Voting Deadlines

Most of the states require an absentee ballot request to be made by October 24th. You can click on this link and request your absentee ballot.


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