Tuesday, July 22, 2008

[tennis, anyone?] tenth ball we've lost

Couldn't resist the above from Theo. Who'd be the ball boy?

Speaking of things ancient, which we weren't, Dick Madeley suggests that the:

Wormwood buttering rack, Edwardian rat-hair doormat, woodworm in French fluting and the set of wooden birthing stirrups ...
... are not necessarily an essential accompaniment to the modern bric a brac home, to which he adds:

I’m constantly amazed by the success of shows that get misty eyed over common-or-garden tat.
Well yes, Richard.


Anonymous said...

'...out on the fly'. Is this where they are?
My 21st. birthday present from my mother was an Olivetti portable in a sort of canvas case. I still have an Olympia Traveller I bought 37 years ago - and I love that old clunker more than this keyboard. Must have typed a couple of million words on it.
Ok, I admit this setup is easier to use - particularly with eyes like mine.

Dragonstar said...

Brilliant picture!

Richard who....?

Dick Madeley said...

Damn cheek.

Richard Havers said...

Can you imagine being mad enough to do that on the wing of a bi-plane?