Saturday, June 28, 2008

[zimbabwe] it's the hypocrisy which galls

Good joke that, about predicting democracy - what sheep I reign over.

Please, if you are of a delicate disposition, excuse the tone of this post:

Brown calls Zimbabwe vote "new low"

Prime Minister Gordon Brown said on Saturday Zimbabwe's presidential election was a "new low" -- but predicted democracy will come to the southern African country.

Yeah, right. Just put your sanctions where your mouth is, tell Milliband to find a spine and Mugabe might miraculously fall. But you have no intention of doing that, do you, you hypocrite? You need Mugabe for the strategic plan.

And in other news, this from David Farrer:

Astounding, isn't it? But it must be true: the BBC is the source: Scotland's only female police chief has spoken for the first time since taking up the role.

Disgraceful the way she was gagged or credit to her gender? And to wind up, some little gems on life in Brown’s Britain:

Firstly, from the Quiet Man:

People living in a north Derbyshire hamlet have been told they cannot have signposts because it is not a "recognised" place. Holestone Moor near Matlock has been mentioned in census and gravedigging records since 1851.

But Derbyshire County Council said the settlement was not shown on local maps and therefore was not a recognised geographical location. Resident Steve Clemerson said the community definitely "did exist".

Next, from the Norfolk Blogger, who is apparently now banned from using

Well in part, the government do know that I exist because they tell me I already have a login, but they refuse to allow me to use it. So when I phoned them and asked them to reset my password, I realise just how serious a problem I might have.

You see, because I didn't send in any photo ID last year within 21 days, I have been banned and barred from using AND they have no way of re-instating me and no number I can contact in order to be allowed to use the system ever again.
And from Private Eye’s latest edition, 1213 [June 27th]:

In Salford … the Labour Council threatened to charge children from St. George’s Primary School, which is facing the axe, for the cost of a road closure if they marched in protest. No one, as yet, has paid the £1918.35 bill. A letter has arrived at the school threatening “county court proceedings” or “referral to a debt recovery agency”.

Charming, simply charming, don’t you think?


  1. is a pain, I went through all that rigmarole only to be told they couldn't find me and I had to send a photo...

  2. As for the police chief, maybe she had nothing to say before and shut up rather than waffle on about nothing? What's her gender got to do with it?

  3. Cherie - the question, "Why bother?" springs to mind.

    Welshcakes - interesting that you should focus on the gender issue. I agree with you of course. :)

  4. James what would you have Brown do in Zimbabwe? Invade? That would be a little risky to do on his own.

  5. We should assasinate Mugabe, the US tried killing Fidel Castro a nuber of times, they should try their luck with Mugabe.

  6. I won't be bothering again ;-) I did it to save time and not to have my photo taken again. I ended up spending more time on it and still had to have my photo taken again!

  7. Cherry pie. Be warned, that is exactly what I did and they banned me for doing it, with no means or method of re-instatement.

  8. Norfolk Blogger,

    Thank You :-) if I am forced down the road where there is no option but to use the online system, I will use my contacts to raise the issue. It is not acceptable!

  9. Tiberius - give him the word, just as others have been given, that it was not on. But he has not been given that - public rhetoric means nothing here.

    Good idea, Kizzie but the ones to do it actually want him in power.

    Nich - welcome and yes, it is appalling. Thank you for your input, Cherie.

  10. Mr Norfolk

    One is tempted to send a photo of a not-quite-well-enough-known-to-be-noticed supporter of ID Cards under the name of that person.



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