Sunday, June 22, 2008

[football and weather] hotting up here

Doesn't matter whether one is interested or not - Euro 2008 is on in full force here and it might well be Russia v Italy the way things are shaping up.

My Russian mate's just been online about it all, saying there were scenes in the centre of my former hometown he'd never witnessed before. Apparently it's the first success since 1988 when they were the USSR. Right, yeah.

Meanwhile here Italy is still in it and if it comes to this match-up - difficult to know who to go for.

For the football purist, to be male and not to know what's going on is weird, foreign in fact. Actually, football's never been my sport although there's a sentimental attachment to the Crazy Gang. Rugby though - that's another matter [Union of course].

So I'm not going to comment on NZ-England.

Meanwhile, back in Sicily, it is shaping up for a 40 degree plus day today but at 7.30 this morning it was the best - no traffic, cool, light breeze, one trattoria/cafe open and a lovely cappuccino or two whilst sitting al fresco, watching the world go by.

The reason I was out there was that our water ran out, damn it. This puts Welshcakes under the hammer more as I can just zip off to the school for a wash and wend my way back. So I feel badly for her this morning and hope to goodness the water van comes soon today.

OK, so I'll head off now and wish you all a lovely Sunday wherever you are.


  1. Stunningly disinterested here in Adelaide. It is only shown on pay per view at 3 in the morning. We get some highlights later that day.

  2. I would love to be sitting outside but there are gale force winds outside and bits of tree flying everywhere.

  3. Ach I think my relatives in and around Eindhoven will be disappointed...

  4. Well football is constantly on in our house, in glorious high definition TV.

    Italy versus Russia? Now that's a dilemma. Not really, you'd better support Italy or be killed.


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