Wednesday, October 31, 2007

[treaty] dishonesty in high places

Mr Giscard d'Estaing says the "proposed institutional reforms" of the rejected constitution can still be found in the new treaty.

The authors of the new treaty, he says, have taken the original draft constitution and "blown it apart into separate elements". They have then "re-attached them, one by one, to existing treaties".

Changes to the original constitution - such as jettisoning references to a European flag and anthem - were made to "head off any threat of referenda", Mr Giscard d'Estaing says. The EU Reform Treaty was agreed earlier this month at a summit in Lisbon, Portugal.
Four things:
1. Why did it take until now for the BBC to carry this self-evident truth?

2. Does this not now show that the EU has been acting dishonestly and contrary to the wishes of the people in two of the strongest members – France and Britain?

3. Do you realize that because of the Lisbon accords, what was Britain will be EU post-2009?

4. What can be done about it?


  1. James, this may be O/T, but

    The visit to HRH by the House of Saud, - - I believe is more significant than is trumpeted, particularly at this point in time.
    And not just on Arms deals.
    A list of dignitaries might be useful, and an itinerary of the remaining visits.
    Plus the absence of the boy milliband, - I do not believe the quoted reasons.

  2. Wasn't there already an EU anthem or something similar? I can't see what's wrong with being EU myself - I'll put my flak jacket on right now, James.

    Oh,anonymous, and there was I getting all soft and thinking Miliband was being a good Dad!

  3. Impeach Brown for lying to the House. Repeatedly.

  4. OK James, here's my contribution to the subject. Cheers!

  5. EU anthem was dropped to ensure there were no referenda.

    Prodicus - undoubtedly. It use to lead to resignation. Now it's done with impunity.

    Cassandra - thanks. Yours is a work in progress.


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