Friday, September 28, 2007

[cat tales] best of icelandic life

Noticed my last Icelandic wisdom post has so far scored a resounding zero comments, which is a pity because I felt the pic was ever so nice. Not even Richard Madeley or Crispen Walter came over to say anything. Ho hum.

So you do realize that means it's necessary to press on with the second inimitable post:

Man Calls Police to Tackle Feline Intruders

A Hafnarfjördur resident recently called police when two cats, whom he was unfamiliar with, snuck into his apartment in the dead of night and disturbed his sleep. The man escaped out to his balcony and called the police from there.

When the police officers arrived the apartment owner wouldn’t leave the balcony to open the front door; so the officers had to climb up to the balcony and approach the intruders from there, reports.

The two cats were hiding in the man’s bedroom and hissed and crawled under the bed at the sight of the police. The officers were not successful in driving the cats out from underneath the bed until they armed themselves with broomsticks.

The intruders disappeared into the darkness and have not been seen since.

An important post, I'm sure you agree and that line again:

…two cats, whom he was unfamiliar with, snuck into his apartment in the dead of night and disturbed his sleep…



Dick Madeley said...

You know you only have to breathe my name and I'm here.

Unfortunately, now I am here, I have nothing to say. The Icelandic High Commissioner in London has taken out a court injunction preventing from mentioning Iceland. He seems to believe that I spread malicious rumours about that den of pixie loving owners of outdoor elf broilers.

Lord Higham- Murray said...

They are a strange and heady brew and the girls are lust-inducing.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Sorry I didn't come over yesterday to comment but as you know, I was fighting with my computer. Fearless cats!

Ordovicius said...

This is hilarious.

Annie Rhiannon said...

Oh my god! When I was living in Iceland a cat jumped into my bedroom when I was a sleep and landed on top of me! I had to get up and throw it out. If I had known the cops would have done it for me...

BobG said...

He had to call the police to protect him against a couple of cats?
Hell, in several Asian countries they would be considered a midnight snack.

jmb said...

A slow news day in Iceland that day, to be sure. I don't care for cats myself but I do think this was over-reacting a little. Doesn't one call firemen for cats?

Lord Higham- Murray said...

Welshcakes - fighting computers is an art.

Ordo - :)

Annie - you see. Now next time you'll call the fuzz. Welcome too to my humble blog.

BobG - and delicious too I have no doubt.


Read the sagas, they're absolutely dynamite, no joking. (Ignore the Monty Python "Njorl's Saga" parody.)

And three cheers for what (I think) is Europe's longest-running democracy.

And imagine a legal system that had a third of the law recited at the national gathering each year, so everyone know the rules and didn't need lawyers.

Given these things, I can overlook Magnus and Sally Magnusson.

Lord Higham- Murray said...

Sackerson - you're right. I know I take the mickey a bit with their quaint turn of phrase and concerns but I really do have a soft spot for them and loved it when I was there. Thingvellir was inspiring.