Saturday, April 28, 2007

[misty rain] gleaming swish of asphalt

It's 19:22 on a Saturday evening and the light is slowly fading.

The air is full of misty rain which has covered the dereks, the three new buildings at various stages of construction and the concrete fence surrounding the vast earth-dug site.

The sound of the swish of tyres on asphalt through the open balcony door is all the sound there is, except for the idiot drilling in the wall in the flat above. I'll go up shortly to terminate him.

The ecologically sound lamp in the living room gives a sulphur yellow glow to an already golden parquet floor and I sit adjacent, typing this to you.

At least I was.

Actually, I've just skipped onto the balcony and the scene below is pure cityscape and yet I recall it twelve years ago here - the edge of geography, the new housing area with the road petering out into a sand dune which ran down to the river.

Now they call it the Riviera and it features casino, Imax theatre, skating rink and a foreshore of Miami type housing. I prefer it the way it was.

Do you hunger for rain as I do? All my bitter-sweet moments were in such rain - I don't know, it stirs something inside and helps one forget.

I wish there were a pub somewhere within walking distance.


Ruthie said...

There is something achingly beautiful about the city at night in the rain.

Something about the lights reflecting off the streets and the sound of cars splashing by. I don't know how it was with a sand dune and new housing, but I used to love New York at night in the rain.

That was when I used to pretend it was Gotham.

jack rensimer said...

I too love the rain, overcast skies and the mist in your face...

Not sure why, but something about the sound and the smell of the wet air. I just find it very relaxing...

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Very atmospheric photo and a nice post, James. Yes, sometimes I'd like some gentle British rain and the feeling of cosiness you get from shutting yourself inside and listening to it. Sicilian rain is very wet!

james higham said...

I think it was Leonard Cohen who said something similar to: "Pessimists are those who fear it's going to rain and I already feel soaked to the skin."