Wednesday, March 28, 2007

[mybloglog] why you should consider it

Let's face it - some of us have got ridiculously long blogrolls now. In my own case, I must use BlogRolling [without which I wouldn't survive] to deal with this but another scheme which also helps is MyBlogLog [both these are in the sidebars here].

The thing is, with the best will in the world, I try to get to the Blogpowerers first, followed by Regulars and then I rotate the rolls and tackle a whole roll at a time. That's the theory. In practice, when I come online, I can instantly see, in visual form, who's been in, it reminds me and I tend to click on the photo immediately, intending to return to my plan later.

Now if one clicks on, say, Guthrum, it brings up his site and sidebar and there's Toque, whom I've never visited and so on. You know how it is. Now if we were all doing this, it would be so much easier.

Where it breaks down is when someone who runs MyBlogLog himself, like Tom Paine, of The Last Ditch, comes in to view other blogs invisibly [don't know how he hides himself] and so one doesn't know if he's been in or not. Each to his own.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I still marvel at how you manage to get around to us all so often, James, and I thank you for it. I will have a look at mybloglog but you know what a tech nitwit I am!

mutterings and meanderings said...

I have to say I kind of like skipping around unobserved. After all, there is enough CCTV cameras watching us as it is ...

ThunderDragon said...

Welshcakes, MyBlogLog provides all the code, you just have to insert it into your template/layout!

I am often signed out of MyBlogLog because my computer has an annoying habit of deleting cookies randomly and for no real reason. Which is annoying.

Tom Paine said...

I like MyBlogLog. It gives me a sense, at a glance, of which regular readers have stopped by. I am prepared to reciprocate by being logged on to it myself when visiting others' sites. So I am not knowingly sneaking about anonymously, James.

Maybe you have another reader in Moscow? There are 14 million of us here you know! My blog is so anglo-centric that I was surprised to notice a Muscovite reader recently who used the translation facility on my blog. My Russian teacher tells me it produces "poor but comprehensible" Russian which might just about help a Russian with weak English to follow my abstruse prose.

You blog has more about Russia, so you should not really be surprised to find a reader in Moscow who isn't me.

Tom Paine said...

... or thinking about it, maybe I don't show up as a visitor when I have read your posts in Google Reader rather than loading your site directly? If you see me in MyBlogLog when you have written a long post that I must click-through to read, then that's probably the explanation.

99% of what I read on the internet is via Google Reader now. It's really good, and I can click on a post to "share" it and it automatic ally comes up in a sidebar box on my blog.

Aren't we breaking blogging's Prime Directive now, by blogging about blogging?

james higham said...

Welshcakes, it's really so very easy. Click on their link in my sidebar and they do the rest for you [virtually]. M&M, fair enough but it advertises you, don't forget. Thunderdragon - ah, Welshcakes' question is answered. Ah, Tom - that's maybe why. If you don't physically go to the site, maybe it doesn't come up. Pity - I'd like to see your 'face' there.