Friday, March 23, 2007

[friday quiz] are you a true scientist

With all the recent references in this blog to scientists, here's a chance to prove you are one. How many of these do you know?

1] How many noble gases are there?
2] Which planet has an orbital period of 687 days?
3] What is inflamed if you suffer from Nephritis?
4] Aquaculture is a term for what?
5] What kind of animal is a basilisk?
6] What is Borborygmus?
7] Evaporation is changing from a liquid to gas and gas to a liquid is called condensation. What is changing from a solid to a gas called?
8] If 8 bits make a byte, what do 4 bits constitute?
9] What did Einstein get the Nobel prize for?
10] Name anything that happened in Britain on September 3rd, 1752.


Liz said...

I could guess at 3 but I don't KNOW any of them. I am sadly lacking. In something. You wouldn't think I had a science degree.

ThunderDragon said...

Number 2 has got to be Mars!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Like Liz, I can guess 3 and am sure of only one, the last one. So that proves what I always knew - the scientific bit of my brain is missing! [Does that excuse my technophobia?]

james higham said...

Sorry,sorry, sorry - in my haste to get my blog reconstruction done, I forgot to link to the answers page. Oversight now corrected, people.

Ross F said...

8] If 8 bits make a byte, what do 4 bits constitute?

A nybble?

Bag said...

Got 5. I think the nibble one showsmy age.

james higham said...

Most impressive, ladies and gentlemen. Ross, you do realize the answers are at the end of the link, don't you?

Ross F said...

I didn't think to check the actual answers before posting because I thought the chances of my joke actually being the correct answer was pretty remote.

Cleanthes said...

1) 6 or so - Helium, Neon, Argon, Xenon, Krypton, that lot aren't they?
2) Mars?
3) I don't know, but it probably smarts a bit.
4) Growing in water.
5) A (mythical) snake
6) ? no idea
7) sublimation as per dry ice.
8) Nibble - no "y" I think. I always thought that was a laugh. (which definitely makes me a scientist).
9) Neither special nor general relativity.
10) nothing. at all.

6/10. Not bad. possibly 6.5 for my answer to 4.

james higham said...

Oh, 6.5 indeed! Ross - good luck with the next one.