Friday, March 30, 2007

[country quiz] ten to tickle your talent

This country ...

1 … has the highest tea consumption per head in the world, a tourist attraction in the south is a stone high in a castle, the capital in the south translates as black pool and their arms seem paralysed when they dance.

2 ... falls into tropical and non-tropical zones, is fertile in the south east and south west, with rainforest up the north east coast and across the top and they don't much drink billy tea any more. They use a kettle and pot instead.

3 … likes to decorate the roofs of its houses in the capital in bright colours, has many sulphur springs, has a very old parliament, people usually work two jobs if they can get the work and they have just had a record catch of fish.

4 … has a mainly red and blue flag, was the only nation ever to form from a successful slave rebellion, lost its leader when he was supposedly kidnapped by the U.S., does not appear to have the tonton macoutes any more and many live in Florida.

5 … is not sovereign in itself, it was fought for by 'two bald men over a comb', is situated west of the Shag rocks, its first settlers came from St. Malo, was visited by the American sloop USS Lexington and the capital is twinned with Whitby.

6 … has 56 officially recognized ethnic groups, has a 4% Christian and 2% Islamic population, is hot on calligraphy, may have invented football around 1000 AD and even the elderly keep physically fit.

7 … called Aotearoa by much of the populace today, it was originally the name for the north island, the south being known as 'the waters of jade' in translation, it's a keen sailing nation, its sporting colour is black and it has no written constitution.

8 … lost its nationhood in reality in 1603, one of its main rivers was linked to the Seine, its summer temperatures can reach 38 degrees but not often and it invented the bagless vacuum cleaner.

9 … had a long history of free will, had a famous mathematician and poet, was told by the Germans that the Kaiser had converted to Islam and was a centre for the manufacture of scientific instruments well into the 19th century.

10 … is bounded by the river plate in the south west, is larger than Surinam, its political parties are the Colorado and the National, the natives often drink yerba mate and it's administratively divided into 19 'departments'.

Answers here.


CityUnslicker said...

7 out of 10, in my best subject too!

james higham said...

They weren't easy, my lad.

Ross F said...

8 out of 10, although one of the ones I got wrong was question 8 which I don't really have an excuse for.

james higham said...

Well done,Ross.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I failed 2, 5, 9.
I had Brazil, The Channel Islands and.. stumped.

james higham said...

Well done on those others. I personally wouldn't get half of them, even though I made them up.