Friday, March 23, 2007

[cool blogschemes] things stumbled into

I'm in eight schemes:

1] Blogpower - the most human one of all. Join us and other members will come round to your place, visit and comment. This is a real community, medium-tech, where everyone knows everyone else. It has no political view, no common thread except that sense of helping one another.

2] MyBlogLog - I really like this one and would love to see Blogpowerers in it too because many of our regular reads are there. Some may see it as rivalling Blogpower or at least preventing members from joining Blogpower. I can't comment on that but it's nice to see those faces appear and know that a human being is reading your site.

3] - I got into this through an American site and the idea is that if you link, this person automatically links back to you.

4] Right Links Banner Exchange - The brainchild of Euroserf, this links right wing and Eurosceptic bloggers to each other and was the first scheme I was in. Very useful for finding people of a similar political bent.

5] Eurosceptic Bloggers - Another of Euroserf's ideas, the name says it all. I need to spend a lot more time here but their latest is always e-mailed to me.

6] RSS - I don't understand it at all but I'm told that somehow I got into it. I suspect either Tom Paine or Thunderdragon put me in and thanks for that. I don't know what it's meant to do but it seems cool enough if the Dragon is in it.

7] - Not so much a scheme as a wonderful way of organizing one's blogroll, once you've entered all your links in a really easy to understand manner, you can change them round, add info, revise and do anything you want - it automatically appears in your sidebar.

8] Voluntary Code Free Zone - A scheme started by Disillusioned and Bored, to resist the attempt by the authorities to impose a code of practice on the blogosphere.

I've also now redone my Blogrolls, changed the format and the way I link, added 6 and deleted 1. After much soul searching, I felt the only fair way was to roll according to frequency of interaction but none of these lists are immutable. My cunning plan is to revise the lists every Sunday.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Thanks for the info, James. I will look into some of these. But I just couldn't get on with blogrolling at all! The blogpower roll they do works well but that's because you people put it together! When I tried to use blogrolling for non-blogpower blogs, I couldn't get any further than putting the links into theor site! Oh, me being a tecnical idiot again, I suppose... I'm glad there is someone else on the planet who doesn't understand this RSS stuff!

james higham said...

Welshcakes, is seriously as easy as pie. You log in [or join] with your e-mail as your log-in and some password of your choice. Then select 'new blogroll' and give it a name plus enter your site address. Click and that's your new roll. Now you have to spend some time entering each new person under 'add links'. It certainly works, as I've created five new rolls this evening. Try it.