Thursday, March 29, 2007

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Mr. Eugenides is looking at the cost to the EU of climate change legislation:

The EU bloc must find €1.1 trillion from its coffers over the next 14 years, if it is to fulfil ambitious climate change goals, a new study has indicated.

Of course, "its coffers" is code for "our pockets".

One of the reasons I'm convinced of climate change, apart from it being bleedin' obvious and the scientific evidence, is the vehemence with which the evil pollies have latched onto it.

Far from this issue being effectively opposed, what the sceptics are really opposing is the pollies hijacking of the issue for their gain. One needs to look at the minds of the cynical elite. They're not going to back a losing argument. They're going to back one which stands up and makes them billions.


Ellee said...

Is climate change taken seriously in the Russian Fed? Would you like another guest post to write about this?

james higham said...


1] Russians are a very literal people. They haven't learnt the western trick of convincing themselves something is not happening when it clearly is. So yes - becasue we can all see it happening.
2] Do you mean you'll write on it here?
3] I have a guest post on Russia ready for you if you'd like.
4] Thanks for the comment.