Saturday, February 10, 2007

[blogfocus saturday] girlpower, yo

Let me say, upfront, that the number of blogs has expanded to the point that both the blogroll and the e-mail list are woefully out of date. The roll I’ve half done; the other I must attempt tomorrow.

Now to Girlpower, the girls only edition of Blogfocus, where the boys are the voyeurs and without further ado, we’ll start in the North of England:

1 Just how grim can it get up north? Very. One Wife's lonely journey into the Northern heartlands is told here, as the heartrending housemoving takes place:

The plan then, (for want of another word,) is to manhandle the contents of the cottage out into the van on a room by room basis, drive it two miles down the lane to the rented house and then unpack the contents and install them on a room by room basis into the rented house, recreating our life exactly as it was before. Perhaps, he was a museum curator in a different incarnation. In fact, he could probably submit it for the Turner prize. He could call it something like: "Our life - a mess in two places."

2 This, thinks Bel, is beyond scandalous:

Some families of soldiers killed in Iraq have been trying for a long time to meet Tony Blair. They have organised demonstrations, launched petitions, and done their utmost to get a meeting. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister has been too busy to see them. Anyway, how lucky for Shilpa that she managed to secure a meeting with the busy Blair. In his office at the House of Commons, no less. So it can be done, then? Perhaps the soldiers’ families should try harder.

3 Ellee continues to enjoy the presidential race and I do my best to cater for her in this:

I am fascinated to see how American politicians are actively using social media for their political campaigning. However, can Hillary Clinton break her carefully crafted mould to embrace a more open and interactive style? Would it suit her personality? The lesser known Obama could find it the perfect way to reach out to new supporters who decide they like what they see in cyberspace.

14 more bloggers plus the Mystery Blogger here.


Ellee said...

I'm glad you mentioned Wife in the North, such an enjoyable read.

And who says there are not enough women bloggers - you certainly found some great ones here.

Not sure if you get Radio 4, if you can, then do tune in 9pm tonight to hear Iain Dale talking about Guido.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

I tell you who's very good and that's Shashinka. She's on my Blogroll at CP. Really good writer. Seriously, check her out. Canadian lovely Stefanie Sigurdson is cool and, of course,you must look at Tisha. She's outrageous.

Purple Wren, Purple Woman are 2 others. Then there's the brilliant Michelle Tempest. Oh, I could go on.

alison said...

Thanks. Feel honoured. Great to get a good list of women bloggers and recommendations.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Did leave a message but it seems lost. Thanks so much James for adding my blog in your post. I`m very honoured and I`m adding your link to my list as well.

james higham said...

Ellee, she's a wry observer.

Jeremy, I'll check out every one of those. thanks.

Alison, hope people recognize how good your blog is.

T&M, the honour is mine.

Reactionary Snob said...

Grand stuff, James.

MoragTheMindbender said...

I quickly ran to get my best hat and new feather boa to read through my ...hmmm.......'fellow girls' sounds odd :) Thank you. I am honoured to be included. One of the things I am finding most interesting about 'meeting' all these women is how different many of us are. It is great to be reminded that intelligent, interesting women come in all different shapes, ages, colours and shoe sizes - something the media does its best to ignore.

james higham said...

Thanks, RS.

Morag - I find that too and yet i think it's fair to say that there is a certain female way the girls blog, even the ranters.

See if you agree with this on Tuesday when the boys let loose.

wife in the north said...

Thank you James (and Ellee). It has been a long time since I was called a girl - I quite like it.

Ellee said...

You can rely on Jeremy to know which all the girlie blogs!