Friday, January 26, 2007

[sole post today] whatchoo lookin' at, eh

So, they’ve finally admitted it. But it’s only part of the story. Here’s another comment.

For my articles on all of this, please see posts 1 and 2, which continues here, with appendices a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, and n [Yes, I know I numbered wrongly]. All of which shows that the process has been deliberate and not due to simple neglect, in the least.

The combination of the dumbing down of education, together with the other policies and trends mentioned below, produces a culture of chavs and droogs. This is my take on how we got there:

# Personal access to scripture was suppressed in the middle ages by virtue of:

a] having been kept in Latin;
b] bibles being chained to the pulpit;
c] keys to the church being in the hands of certain men.

# Personal access to scripture is suppressed in the modern age by virtue of:

a] the priests of the secular in key positions in society, actively ridiculing and suppressing;
b] only the humanistic ethic being taught in institutions of learning;
c] cessation of the oral tradition from parent to child;
d] the culture of unwillingness to countenance and read a scriptural document, whilst giving learned dissertations on all other philosophical systems;
e] it took three generations to get to this point.

# Philosophy, by its very nature, is speculation. Scripture is ancient documentation.

# Scripture, in particular the gospels, lays out a social plan which, if followed, is sustainable and productive. It actually works. Therefore it must be suppressed because it empowers individuals and runs society along wholesome lines.

# With the final suppression of a society's code of morality, the only law is satanic law, the dog-eat-dog law stated by Anton le Vey as: “Do as you will.”

# Values now get turned on their head, the rich prostitute is now venerated and aspired to and heads are filled with things which don't matter in a sane society. Society comes loose from its moorings.

# The spirituality of the child is now catered for by the nightclub and drugs. The spirituality of the adult is now catered for by the need for new acquisitions and the provision of palaces [shopping centres] to provide these. ‘New’ is the key buzzword.

# The rise of usury in mid-Europe put governments into debt with financiers and with one particular group, whose symbol, the XX, is now preserved in one company’s name.

# Western government debts are never written off; they are paid off. Ipso facto, governments have owed financiers over the centuries and have gone deeper and deeper into hock, principally through war. Debt creates power.

# Financiers have certain pillars propping up their culture:

a] the unit cost of goods is always out of all proportion to income;
b] it’s not necessary to have ready money to buy what we fancy – they’ll lend it and we’ll pay it off on the never-never;
c] with the money ‘saved’, we can buy other things, thereby ensuring steady income and increasingly more windfalls [bankruptcy, repossession] for the financiers and government.

# Western society has been weaned off a barter economy and onto a debt economy, with plastic replacing cash. The message is that because of the severe dislocation between price and income, the only way to achieve your dream is to go into debt to a financier.

# The known characteristics of illuminism are:

a] militarization and hierarchical regulation of society, where sovereignty is in the hands of a remote central authority, acting down through its vassals;
b] the progressive erosion of personal freedoms;
c] the suppression, weaning off and eventual destruction of spirituality;
d] the destruction of the family through:

[i] culture of tolerance and social and moral relativism, condoned and even abetted from the ruling class;
[ii] advancement of homosexuality as an equal alternative, rather than as a branching off from the norm, together with attempts to create ‘families’ bypassing the standard family structure, which was designed to nurture children;
[iii] promotion of philosophies holding that the traditional marriage is too difficult, too restrictive and contrary to societal health;
[iv] making accessible hardcore pornography for all, including the young, through the internet;

e] progressive restriction of independent travel by using external threats such as terrorism and climate change to restrict and regulate movement;
f] reduction of population through war and of the intelligentsia through oppression.

What is the net effect of all these elements combined? A society like in the films Brazil, 1984 and the Time Machine and historically real societies like the USSR and revolutionary France.

This article was simply a forlorn attempt, with no great hope of success, to help stem the tide.


WayneDawg said...

Hello - linked your site through Vox.......

Question - Do you really consider Al Jazeera and the NY Times trusted sources?


james higham said...

In the sense that they state something which occurred on a certain date, yes. In terms of their interpretation of that event, of course not. The MSM is controlled by the same lot who are wreaking the havoc.

The Tin Drummer said...

James - malenky bit of adminviolence if you carelike studywise. email drummerwise asap doubleplusgood!!

by the way - answer to your question in the post title: ye - 'av yuz gorra fuckin problem like?

Martin said...


It's ironic that you chose an image from 'Clockwork Orange' as the icon for this post, given its subject and that Burgess was reported to have modelled droogspeak on Russian.

Whilst Niall Ferguson the historian is a scholar of great distinction, the opinions of Niall Ferguson the social commentator should be handled with tongs from a distance of 20 feet. That ST piece is a rehash of a load of ordure he pumped out a months ago. What Ferguson the scholar of static history cannot reconcile with Ferguson the commentator on dynamic history is that in the age of what Stephen Roach calls the global labour arbitrage, it doesn't matter how many skills you have; sooner or latter a Malaysian with the same skills is going to pop up, and the Internet's capacity to make us all globally interactive will result in 'Them' deciding they'll turn a buck faster by sending the job to Malaysia.

Ferguson, who's addressed at least two Morgan Stanley functions in the last 12 months (Roach is MS's chief economist), should have grasped that reality by now.

I don't know if you get Question Time in Russia, but last Thursday a panel member hit this problem precisely on the head. A youth justice worker said that the prisoners he deals with, the 16-20 year olds, want vocational training, and it's in the jail that they actually get it - so one of the comprehensive system's unintended consequences has been to turn the jails into what the secondary moderns and junior secondaries used to be.

Once they get out with skills, of course, 'They' decide that they'll make more money by importing Polish Ph.D's who'll dig roads for coppers, as opposed to paying Briyish workers realistic British wages.

And so the Brit be ever stuffed.