Saturday, January 20, 2007

[blogfocus saturday] on the efficacy of alcohol

Just who is this summer honey? Clue – she’s in this Blogfocus.

1] Work – the curse of the drinking classes. Drink – the elixir from heaven or the breaker of homes? Fourteen bloggers give you their take on the demon drop. Mr. Eugenides kicks off:

There is a binge-drinking culture in this country: there are too many people storing up long-term health problems for themselves. People need to take more responsibility for their actions. Beyond this incontrovertible bromide, though, I don't know what the answer is; but I know it's not treating us like children. Lumping those of us who often go out for a drink of a Friday night and sometimes wake up with a sore head on Saturday morning, in with the alcoholics, the all-day drinkers, the genuinely habitual, and heavy, consumers of alcohol, just seems to me to be daft.

2] From the Baron at Gates of Vienna, it appears it’s not only on this side of the pond either.

Dymphna and I can testify, through long association with Charlottesville and UVa, that it does indeed have a reputation as a hard-drinking “party” college. Virginia Tech may give it a run for its money, but the University of Virginia is definitely where the children of the upper middle class want to go for an alcohol-friendly environment. Local parents out here in the boonies know the University’s major attraction, and it makes them worry if they have a kid who gets good enough grades to be accepted there.

3] The Cityunslicker, as part of one meme, listed these, among others, including disclosures about his drinking propensity:

1. I don't actually work in the City, geographically speaking;
2. I have never owned any shares;
3. The animals that scare me most are mice and any other types of rodents;
4. As a drinking lightweight, I would easily lose to a small teenage Chinese girl in a drinking competition.

Eleven more bloggers plus the Mystery Blogger here.


Ellee said...

Again, an amazing compilation worthy of appreciation.

It will be a while before I can wear that pink frock again.

Disillusioned and Bored said...

always a pleasure

Dymphna said...

Fortunately, our son avoided UVa like the plague. A few kids seem to die every year of alcohol poisoning. There was one this past October...

BTW, in our state, if a young man and woman are equally inebriated and any...umm...congress ensues, she can charge him with rape, even though both parties were past the condition of consent. Consensual sex, if the woman changes her mind the next day, is rape --even if he was so blotto he doesn't remember.

That's how victimhood works. The girl gets counseling, the boy gets expelled, and all the other students have to attend "date rape" classes.

In many cases, the girls are beginning to out-imbibe their male counterparts, which is most unfortunate, since (despite PC notions of equality) a woman's liver cannot process the same amount of booze that a man's can.

But try telling that to the girls...and they are girls.