Saturday, December 23, 2006

[scotland and england] the new feudalism

This blog is diametrically opposed to the Wilhelmsbad Declaration [1782]: the abolition of all ordered governments, private property, inheritance, patriotism, the family, religion; and the creation of a one world government. The most fundamental reason to oppose it is because of who will control it and yet that is precisely where we are now headed.

Focusing on the first plank – abolition of ordered governments, it’s not too fanciful to suggest that this refers to nationality and the latter plank of abolition of patriotism would seem to support that contention. Three very clear trends:

1] steady erosion of freedoms;
2] move towards continental control of every aspect of citizen’s lives;
3] individual nation states fragmenting, e.g. Britain, Canada.

The first two have been blogged about by almost everyone. On the third, this comes from euro-know:

What on earth is happening to the nation state? Before our eyes it is dismembering itself into the smaller pieces from which it was once composed - not yet quite the 'city-states' of ancient Greece and Renaissance Italy, but firmly in that direction … The triggers for break-up come in many forms.

The trend is simply away from the nation state which, despite its myriad faults, has always been a bulwark against and a major obstacle to globalization and the facilitation of the Wilhelmsbad agenda. Doesn’t matter whether it’s fragmentation into smaller units or incorporation into a larger, the nation state as we know it is on the way out and a new feudalism is replacing it.

The Scottish and English situation follows …

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