Friday, December 29, 2006

[friday afternoon] new year weekend is upon us

Cartoon by Pritchett

From the 10th floor you can get a magnificent view of the four laned road below with the dividing strip. From my flat, a short time ago, I took a look from the balcony and a number of things were interesting.

Firstly, there’s been more or less constant light snow today and the roads, houses, trees and everything else is covered in white. Secondly, there is total gridlock at 6.30 p.m. as far as the eye can see, in both directions, both service roads, the main artery in the distance and all connecting roads.


To give you an idea, I just saw my own car, which should have been safely in the carpark a kilometre away, down below instead, attempting to go past. Winter jacket donned but still shivering on the balcony, I wished I had binoculars. Everything appeared to be the same, even down to the spoiler on the back.

Then I realized the one down below didn’t have the rear window spoiler and I breathed a sigh of relief and got to the toast in the kitchen just in time to stop it burning [for once]. Some time later I went back to look at the traffic and guess what – that car was still there. That’s gridlock.

Time to do the blog rounds in order to gather for the Blogfocus tomorrow.


Zachary said...

really like the nice cartoon:)

james higham said...

Yep, different mood to what was down below.

Colin Campbell said...

One of the great things about Adelaide is not having to sit in gridlock very much, except when bloody U2 come to play. We have very little weather related traffic mayhem, unlike the Washington DC Beltway, London Ring Road, San Francisco, New York, Seoul, Manila, Jakarta. So please be sure to stay away. I like it this way. I also just found out that I can take public transport to work, which I did not realise. I plan to do this more regularly.

james higham said...

...So please be sure to stay away. I like it this way...

Had to chuckle at this.