Tuesday, December 12, 2006

[blogfocus tuesday] piper, power and pensive

There are three themes running through today’s Focus. To start with, an issue almost everyone’s blogged on and which raises ethical questions: the Piper debate. Seems to me it was not the original offending item but the vitriolic way he attacked, by way of reply, which had people up in arms.

It’s not this post’s intention to rehash or add further fuel whilst the man is not in a position to reply [we can wait until Sunday for that] – so what follows is in the nature of final words on the topic. Dizzy thinks:

1 For me the biggest issue is that if someone from the right had produced the same "satire" the reaction would've been total outrage from the Left with accusations of racism. There is something worrying with this intellectual position that many on the Left have which asserts they are not capable of racism because of their ideological purity. It's bollocks.

Bel expands on that theme:

I have come to the conclusion that blindness of a sort has befallen these people. They genuinely cannot see how the spoof post they created could have caused offence. As Dizzy puts it, ‘[t]here is something worrying with this intellectual position that many on the Left have which asserts they are not capable of racism because of their ideological purity.’ I agree. Regarding the indignation of the two bloggers, the sub-text seems to be ‘how can anyone accuse us of being racist and offensive? We’re on the Left!!!’

The Tin Drummer is concerned about the sub-issue underlying it all:

3 The BBC has picked up on the Bob Piper story: Tory Leader Portrayed as Minstrel as has, finally, Iain Dale. Prague Tory has obviously been hurt by some of the personal abuse hurled at him for mentioning this story, and he says in the comments: This incident may be a prelude to my cessation from blogging. I am in a period of reflection. I will not be commenting again on this thread.

… and UK Daily Pundit, * with an eye to the main chance, sees the possibilities:

Bob Piper, Councillor Bob Piper, Sandwell Councillor Bob Piper, Piper Bob: Just want to see if I can get on Technorati. Hello? Anyone there?

* Having a spot of bother with the link to the post so I've linked to UKDP's other post on the issue.

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Jeremy Jacobs said...


It's all very petty isn't it?

Aren't there better things to concern ourselves with?

Carry on.

Great Blog

mutleythedog said...

I just think Piper is a boring tosser - also people with no sense of humour should not try "comedy" he is about as funny as a being shot in the bollocks.

Praguetory said...

Jeremy - yes it may appear petty, but do you think that the image and words Bob used contribute towards better race relations? Of course not. It became petty when as James properly points out Piper and his sidekick Unity lashed out at criticism with vitriol. I bet you could find 100 examples of it over the last 5 days if I was minded. People don't like being told what to do by anyone, least of all a class warrior like Piper.

Ellee said...

Hi James, I thought I posted a comment here last night saying how politicians on all levels should show integrity and intelligence, we all have our own views whether Bob Piper posssesses those qualities, from what we know of him via his blog.

Great to see WL get a plug, visiting her site is like taking a little holiday, a form of escapism.

james higham said...

Ellee, we're agreed on WL. Also, good point about politicians. Praguetory I agree with here. Jeremy, it was much more than a blogger blogging - it was a member of local government pouring vitriol but the one which really burnt me up was when he threatened to "out" or expose Praguetory's real name. That cannot be put up with under any circumstances and I'm sad to say that one of my fellow bloggers did that a short time back with a high flyer whom I also have my own opinions about. Doesn't matter - it must never be done.

james higham said...

Oh, I forgot, Mutley - nice topless girlfriend on your site.

Disillusioned and Bored said...

Love the blogfocus. Good to see some quality sites get some proper mentions.