Thursday, November 23, 2006

[litvinenko] on hit list with mass murderer and crooked oligarch

All right, I read into this article about Litvinenko and how Russian emigres in London are now on edge. And also this: For Londoners, the attack on the former Russian spy, in broad daylight in the midst of the hustle and bustle of their city, has changed the image of the Russians who come here. But when the article started quoting the mass murdering Akhmed Zakayev, actor and former Chechen rebel commander, who arrived in 2002 and lives in the same street as Litvinenko, it was time to draw the line.

Please listen, fellow Britons – do you want the hype or do you actually want the truth? Even this article gets close on occasions: By far the most controversial figure to move to London was Boris Berezovsky, one of the original Russian oligarchs, who amassed a fortune after the collapse of Communism and fled Russia under the threat of prosecution for corruption. Precisely. And where was that fortune made? Out of whose pockets? And he laundered it out of Russia. So a mass murderer and a crooked oligarch are bunched together with this Litvinenko, saying that they believe they are at the "top of the hitlist" of Russian émigrés in London, do they?

Of course they are. But the absolute hypocrisy of fellow Brits saying that this shows Putin is out of order but that our own MI6’s hits in other countries are OK is galling. We believe what we want to believe but each one of these three had very good reason to be on the list and not – repeat not – only because they’ve indulged in ‘criticism’. It’s because of what they’ve done to the Russians themselves. Talk to any Russian within this country about this please. Then form your opinion.

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