Wednesday, October 25, 2006

[britain] rule britannia, not rule anglia

James Cleverly was to speak last evening about an English Parliament and so on and yesterday, on his blog, I left this comment: The problem with an English parliament is dissolution of the union. Apart from the clear disadvantages for Scotland and the other home countries, there would be a 'to hell with the English' attitude more so than now. LBJ said of Hoover, 'Better to have the bastard inside, pissing out than outside pissing in.' This is how all great empires have gone – fragmenting the more the centre has had to carry the fringes, heavy influx of population from the colonies, softening of the national resolve. Britannia became an Empire as a whole empire, not with just one part of it. The culture which arose is heavily English but not completely.


James Cleverly said...


Thanks for the link.

The discussion was interesting. I made the point that the current situation is unacceptable but that an English parliament would bring about the break up of the union.

“English votes on English” issues is a bit of a hodgepodge and is far from ideal but it is the only solution that I can see.

I don't believe that Scottish and Welsh devolution was a good idea but what is done is done and we have to live with it.

Ellee said...

So should Scottish MPs still be allowed to vote on English issues, but not vice versa?

james higham said...

Putting my tuppence worth in a post now.