Friday, September 29, 2006

[scots tory b] the issue of the comments counter

James, completely OT. I have repeatedly noted that your comments counter does not show other than '0' despite there being comments in the follow on section in your longer posts. I don't know if it's the same for the shorter ones. I can understand the blog's disdain for my lack of erudition but please programme in some manners! There's nothing more frustrating than leaving a comment on someone's site and the counter still shows afterwards that you don't exist. It's as if you're a nothing, a nobody. I've often thought, 'That's it; that's the last time I'm coming here.' But it's not the poor blogger's fault, truly. It's the bl--dy programme itself. And I notice your comment below has now been reflected in the counter. Bear with it and see if it's reflected next time. It usually is. Would that it showed immediately but what can a poor blogger do?


ScotsToryB said...


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I'll second that! No comments!


p.s. Keep Mongolia and add more, this is fast becoming a mini world blogozine (copyright blah, blah)


ScotsToryB said...

I really MUST learn to read posts properly before commenting! Comments now working. Congrats!

Oh, (blushes) my very own dedicated post! My first! Superb marketing, James, but have you considered the downside of the more vain than me taking umbrage at not getting the same?

Not being a blogger I cannot respond fully to how you get the time to read all the blogs you wish.

I have evolved a hierarchy of must reads, occasional reads and weekly(or less). There are no set criteria except for the political and the ranters. I gradually move blogs up or down in my bookmarks depending on, simply, my enjoyment of them. You and 6 or 7 others are static and others mobile and if I have visited once and found it interesting and then return to find that was all they had to say(to me) then they are moved down and finally deleted.

Content is important. As I suggested, I think of your blog as a wide ranging world magazine finding interesting articles I would otherwise miss. You are not, however, a mandatory daily read, but the blog equivalent of a mandatory, minimum twice weekly. Take that as the compliment it is meant to be.
Quality is important as are quality links (how i found you and raincoaster, DK, Eugenes et al)as is consistency - I do not care if you blog 10 times a day or once weekly as long as it is good.

Tuppence worth over, enjoy the rest of the weekend,