Friday, September 29, 2006

[iceland breaking news] stars blocked by clouds as reykjavík goes dark[er]

I just adore Iceland Review for three reasons 1] the Icelandic turn of phrase 2] the classic headlines 3] the subject matter. I swear the ‘dark[er]’ was theirs, not mine. Cloud cover blocked the stars yesterday evening as Reykjavík’s streetlights were turned off in order to enable city residents to have a better view of the sky. In other respects the darkening of Reykjavík went well. The lights were shut off at 10pm sharp in connection with the opening of the Reykjavík International Film Festival, and were turned back on half an hour later. This is reported in all the main media. Reykjavík residents flocked into the streets to take part in the experience. Yet a slight sense of disappointment prevailed as a result of the cloud cover and also as there was still light visible even with the absence of streetlights. I’m seriously considering branching out into Mongolian News as well, soon .

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