Friday, September 29, 2006

[blogging] posting, trawling and the day job

This one will be touched on in more detail on Sunday but for now – how do you other ladies and gentlemen get around all the blogs you want to read and do justice to them? I have a relatively modest blogroll and yet to get around the sites takes an hour and a half. I think Tim Worstall does his blog-trawl early morning but that’s when I usually post for the day, as I think DK does. Posting, trawling and the day job are a discipline or do you have a cunning plan?

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Ellee said...

I start by returning comments to those who have left a comment on my site (don't feel obligated to do the same, it's just the way I like to work), then I visit those sites that most often visit mine to reciprocate, but I do have my favourites as well and I like to follow up new links too, hence my visit here. There are never enough hours to explore as many new sites as I would like. I also try to write my post first thing in the morning, as a result I no longer go to the gym or practise my clarinet. Must go now and visit a few others.