Friday, August 25, 2006

[casino royale] daniel craig to do just three films as james bond

Daniel Craig has not had a smooth ride. He’s been criticized and there’s even a website or two against his choice as Bond.

As a keen fan, naturally I have many pics both of him and of Eva Green and I can say, without reservation, that Craig’s no sissy and that this movie might just take fans by surprise.

Mi6 reports:

The Daily Mirror (UK) are reporting that James Bond star Daniel Craig plans to spend his pay packet from the new 007 blockbuster buying paintings. The actor, who was criticised for wearing a life jacket when he was unveiled as Bond, is reportedly pocketing £1.5 million for Casino Royale.

Art-lover Craig, 38, confessed he couldn't wait to snap up some rare pictures when he cashes in on Bond's global fame. He said: "I'd love to get into buying art, though I haven't started making money yet."

But the craggy-faced blonde actor has not proved a popular choice as 007 in the latest £60 million film due out in November. Angry fans set up a website which asked: "Is the new Bond a sissy?" Craig has revealed how he conquered a fear of heights during filming but was forced to use stunt doubles. Despite his new-found worldwide fame, Craig also hinted he will walk away from 007 after another two movies.

Thanks to `Grunther` for the alert.


tin443 said...

Does he have the aura of Brosnan nor Connery? I haven't seen any of his flicks rather I've never known that he has any. Well, there is only one thing to find out. Wait for the release of these films and we'll see how suitable is he for the role.

james higham said...

We'll see, yes.

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